I haven’t written in awhile. Mostly because I don’t feel like it, partly because I don’t have the time. There are other things I need to do – priority one might say. And yet deep within me, I wish I could write more often.

I’ve started a new diary. After some discussion with friends, I concluded I need to get back a hobby or something I enjoy doing. Because lately (by that I mean the last 3 years), my life revolves around work and kids with the intermittent date night. So I’ve tried to write more often… it’s supposed to be every day for 5 minutes. Ideally I’d do it in the morning but that doesnt seem to work. I just wake up too late, as in I wake up an hour before I need to set off and then spend that hour getting three individuals including myself washed, clothed and fed, ready to enter a new day.

Anyway, I’m trying is the gist of it.

In the meantime, I oscillate between living my life and feeling sad. Except unlike my usual self, I can’t seem to project the sadness very well. Either I’ve built a nice stone wall after all these years of working or I am quite good at repressing emotions now. I can’t write why I’m sad, not now, maybe one day. *cryptic writing*

Ok, I’m trying to make this a happier post. Alright, I’ve been reading a book called 59 seconds. It’s about making small things and thinking little things to make one happier or change one’s perspective into a brighter one.

The first task is to write for 1 minute a day.

First day: Write the things that you’re greateful for.
Second day: Write about a moment when you felt very happy. Write about the event, what you remember of it and how you felt at the time.
Third day: Write about your dream future – but a realistic one.
Fourth day: Write a letter to a loved one. Write it as if you’re never gonna see them again.
Fifth day: Think over the last one week and what has went well.

I haven’t gone beyond the first chapter yet, so I can’t write what the second task is!

So for now, I’ll write the moment when I felt very happy. Can’t decide whether to write as a blog post or in my (new) fresh, crisp papers of a notebook.

Till then,

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