Pintu Ajaib

Got back from Brunei yesterday. Whilst it was a drag to have dreary cold weather here, at least I can see the sky. It was hazy on the last week we were there, like whyyyy whyyyy must there be forest fires causing the haze?? Anything man made resulting in weather change … that must be a crime right?

Anyway, so I’m back and feel I should impart some advice on travelling with kids. This time, I flew with both kids (3 year old and 10 month old) by myself on the flight to Brunei. It wasn’t bad really. One slept most of the time, one watched ipad/flight movies. Zayan is pretty independent too mostly – ate by himself, put on seatbelt by himself, took stuff from his lil backpack if he wants things (aka toys and snacks).

I already wrote some time ago on travelling tips with kids here. I stand by on everything I wrote then! Another thing I found useful are ziplock bags! Basically, it’s like small ziplock freezer bags that I use to put things in compartments. I’d put each set of spare clothes for each kid in a bag, put nappies in a bag, snacks for each kid in a bag, etc etc.

For those who likes lists and ideas of what to pack, here’s what I brought:
– 3 spare set of clothes for each child
This includes: PJs for Zayan and onesies for Ayman.
– 1 spare set of clothes for me
One boy vomited on me on the way to Airport and another leaked poo on me. I just washed off my second shirt in the end.
– Nappies, nappies, nappies
Once I forgot to bring enough nappies for Ayman from San Francisco to London. It was a nightmare trying to find a shop selling nappies at San Francisco airport!
– Toiletries
You know to freshen up.
– Snacks
You know how we like to limit snacks with kids… well, flights are generally time for rules to be broken. Anything to keep a toddler happy, that’s fine by me!
– Milk
I’ve never had problems bringing liquid milk – expressed breast milk (EBM) and cow’s milk- from either London or Brunei. I have brought milk powder with empty bottles as well for back up. For EBM, I stored it in a small cooler bag with some sort of dry ice. Bought it online before, can’t remember what it’s called now.
– Small toys and thin books
Twice I’ve bought a kiddie activity magazine book with free toy and Zayan was so obsessed with the toy for the entire journey. WIN for cheapo toys from China!
– Ipad
Life (sanity) saver.

Can’t remember what else I’ve brought. Obviously passport, money and phone!

Ok that’s it. Feeling sleepy – it’s almost 7 pm now but it’s past midnight Brunei time. The kids were so good in Brunei in terms of jet lag. Previously, Zayan would be horrendous with jet lag – waking up crying in middle of night and wouldn’t settle. or he would be so awake that he wants to play and want you to play with him.

This time though, both kids would sleep around 10-11 pm and then sleep through the night till 7-8 am. Right from day 1. How??? What sorcery have I inadvertently used to cause this seamless transition of body clock??

You know what I wish for – pintu ajaib just like in Doraemon.

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