Of kindness

I’ve been wanting to write about this for awhile, but didn’t quite know how to write it.

Sometimes I think morbidly and think what if (when?) one day my children are left without their parents. I would want them to know our good traits and learn from them. Specifically I would wish them to take after their dad’s good traits – people who knows him know that he is a nice guy all round but I know of the kindness he shows in unexpected ways.

When we were in San Francisco, we had lunch, just another lunch y’know (it was grilled burgers and chips…it was good). He bought some packed food, which I didn’t think much of. When we walked out, he handed out the food to this homeless person. The guy was so surprised, so stoked. I think his jaw was wide open in shock, but what made it all the more memorable was his happiness at having a hot meal. I looked at this man, who is noncholant in his thoughtfulness, and who does act like a ‘med reg’ (medical registrar aka cynical and realistic) most of the time. It reminded me of how his kindness won me over back in medical school/foundation year days.

Zayan and Ayman, I hope you two will grow to be as thoughtful and humble in your kindness just like your Ayah.

Love, your mama

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