A legend

Today, I suddenly remembered of my late consultant Dr Hoskyns. I don’t think I’ve written about his passing away properly here. He passed away from an accidental bike injury on his way to work this February. The whole of paediatrics team in Leicester WAs beside ourselves – which is an understatement really. There were a lot of whatsapp messages, facebook statuses, tribute messages for the legend of a man. When you meet him, you would not realise how ‘high up’ he is in the medical ladder. He was humble and down to earth. When I found his wikipedia page (turns out he is of Baronage heritage), he was surprised he had a page and you could tell how uncomfortable he was at having the praises and prestige.

He has taught me so so much, from clinical skills to being a grounded doctor. He taught me to not leave my senses on the door of the hospital. What cannot be taught verbally is taught through actions. He shows how to treat patients as an individuals rather than just another person on a hospital bed.

When I was sitting in his clinics, he would receive the next patient’s notes and just by looking at the name, he would remember who they are. ‘Ahhh this one…is a 26 weeker and has been having problem with his legs….’ He was the consultant responsible for when the child was born and the said patient is now 15 years old. He sees the chronic well patients once or twice a year and yet he remembers them. Needless to say, they remember him too.

I remember him coming to the ward wearing a loom band. He said he asked for it from a patient.

I posted this on facebook:

“Suddenly reminded of the late Dr Hoskyns. When Ayman was in NICU, he dropped by maternity ward to visit me bringing along a card as well. He said he went to NICU to check how Ayman was, even though he wasn’t working in the neonatal side that day. We chatted about Ayman and how I was doing and how the exams went (for which he tutored me for those three sittings I took). It still astounds me that a consultant would just drop by with a card no less to check on how Ayman and I were doing.

Our presence in this earth is like a little drop of water in the ocean, just a small piece walking around on God’s earth and our existence are really just seconds when compared to primordial time.

But you know what…
Kindness will always be remembered.”

My condolences to the family and close ones.

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