Selamat Hari Raya

3:57 am

Sitting in the registrar’s room. Phone plugged in and blaring out takbir raya thanks to youtube.

Thankfully, another 5 hours of working and then I’ll be free for another 48 hours at least.

Allahu akhbar, allahu akhbar, Allahu Akhbar
La illa ha illallah wallahu akhbar
Allahu akhbar walillah ilham

This year, I do feel momentous approaching the end of ramadan. Not that I did full month of terawih or read the quran from first page to the end… But I am happy that I fasted as much as I can. Still breastfeeding and fasting for 26 out of 30 days (4 days opted out as I didn’t have much milk and felt like I was drying out of milk).

This year would be different than previous years. For one thing, most of my family is here! And my nephews and niece are here too, making it more meriah at home and Zayan will have friends over the weekend (yay to less clinginess/attention seeking).

And also means, I don’t have to cook! Hehe! And yay to having good homemade mama food!!!

I’m hoping to actually be able to get through the day without feeling like a zombie, having worked 4 nights now. Hoping the abundance of food would energise me somehow!

It has been eons since I celebrated first day of raya at home with my family.  I do wish and hope Zayan grow up with good memories of raya as I had in my childhood days.

Good food.  Duit raya. Bunga api.

 Convoy with the extended family. Trying out different kuih and biskut. Nini’s biskut begula (inda ku ingat namanya). Soya bean. Kerupuk udang. Serunding.

Bersalaaman with my parents in the morning. Kad raya. Competing amongst my brothers who had the most kad raya.

Takbir raya. Waking up late and discovering all the male people in the house has left for sembahyang raya.

Lagu raya starting even from mid ramadan. Raya celebrations in school – get to have happy raya songs blaring and wearing baju kurung and spotting your crush in their baju raya. (Black baju melayu is always cool)

Those were the days.

Ok, over and out.

Selamat menyambut hari raya to all muslims out there. Kalau ada salah dan silap, minta maaf ya.

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