San Francisco: Things for kids and adults to do

Ok, so I realise I haven’t properly written on San Francisco. I know, I know that was 4 months ago!!! San Francisco feels like such a distant, fun memory. It actually boasts a lot of places for the kids, we all had fun!

Not in chronological or ‘most fun’ order:

1. The beach!


Sunset in San Francisco

Luckily, our friend’s place is five minutes away from the beach. You can actually see the sea from the main bedroom’s window. There’s a few beaches along the coast of San Francisco but we only went to this one – which I’ve forgotten the name of, will google it later. The best thing is…. it’s a sandy beach! Do you know how disappointing it is to go to the beaches here in UK only to find that there are NO sand and only rocks??? How why how why!!

You can take away a girl from Brunei but you can’t take Brunei out of her. AKA I love beach life.

2. Car cable rides


Car cable – the icon of the city

It’s touristy and slow and noisy. But it’s all part of the charm of the car cable. Being a boy, Zayan loved the car cable rides.

3. Fisherman’s Wharf


Random toy shop


Fisherman’s Wharf

Our friend told us the place is touristy, and she was right. It had rows of souvenir shops with intermittent seafood restaurants. There’s a pier where there are loaaadsss of seals lying around, which was just that – seals lying around. It was a bit disappointing until we found the pier with some shops and restaurants. The shops itself wasn’t anything to rave about but the place had carnival-like ambience. The most fun thing we did there was catch an open air magician show, who was pretty cool. His performance at the end did leave me going “Whaaat, hoooow, whaaat” – basically he told a random guy in the audience to write initials on a bullet, told him to shoot at him, caught the bullet in his mouth and sure enough it was the same bullet with the initials. Like whaaaat. It was free too and we were welcome to give out however much we feel his performance was worth.


The magician

4. Children’s playground


The steep slide


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It’s so easy to entertain a three year old. Outdoor playground = free entertainment. There was a steep slide that the local kids went down using flattened cardboard boxes. It looked pretty steep and I was scared of Zayan wanting to go on it. Thankfully, he was happy to play elsewhere. I guess aside from the slide, this playground isn’t anything more special than other playgrounds. Bonuses: It had a big sandy area and huge toddler-aged slide and pretty clean.


This is by far the best museum we went to. It was so much fun and entertaining for both the adults and child (Ayman couldn’t care less). Keluar the geeky side of us. Where do we start? There was the geography/biology area, where you learn more about SF’s coast. You’ll have to just go there and be amazed with it.


Learning about sound, or more like making noises and no one will tell you off.


Dunno what this is called but this is basically live action of the view outside


Magnetic field “Build Big Hero 6 bridge” says Zayan


Members of public asked to draw what they think/remember of San Francisco’s coastline or map. I’m ashamed to admit that I was once an O level Geography student – Cikgu Zainal would be disappointed of this. 


How much fun slinky can bring

6. Al Catraz!


Initially, I felt torn about going there with the kids. Firstly, what if they’re bored and scared of it. Secondly, do I bring a pram or not?

It was actually fun for Zayan. He loved the idea of jails and exploring the area. It was such a huge area with some steep walks, so it was a good thing we brought the pram. There were lifts in the building, so we didn’t have to worry about carrying the pram. And it wasn’t that narrow or enclosed for the kids/pram.


Al Catraz


Jail cell

The story about Al Catraz and its famous inmates were pertty fascinating. There’s free audio guide and it tells stories of the inmates and rebellion. Pretty horrific and sounds like it was made up from a movie. One story was about the warden and other prison staff who lives in a separate building along with their families. Because it’s on an island, it was pretty self sufficient – having their own shop and post office and the likes. So the kids from the staff family pretty much grew up there and could hear the inmates from time to time. Can you imagine living next to a prison building. The concept of having a free life compared to someone on the other side of the building.

7. Twin peaks


Twin peaks

Twin peaks, as the name says have two hilly peaks, is where you can have aerial view of the city. It was pretty cool, bit of an outdoor outing.

Ok I have to go now. The thing that is left are Japanese tea garden and Bay Area Discovery Centre. Perhaps for the next post.

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