Zayan says…

It’s 1 am and I’m so gonna regret this later for being awake still. There’s a strong urge to write and this time, I don’t feel able to push it away!

So this week is part of my 12 day stretch of working. So far, so good (kinda… had a bit of momentary breakdown but I blame the lack of food). Anyway so many things to talk about – none of which is terribly exciting but if we dont talk about the mundane everyday stuff, we’ll forget what we live through each day, no?

Let’s talk about how vocal Zayan is being these days.

Zayan says the funniest things like…

– “What’s your problem?” on random times of the day. Out of nowhere. And it sounds rude but actually he is genuinely asking if I have any problems.

– I was at the end of my tethers last weekend, solo parenting, both kids crying. Ayman wanted to sleep but Zayan was being too loud and crying for no apparent reason. I started crying then, Zayan went “STOP CRYING! Mama no crying…” and I went “You stop crying!” He stopped after that. I think he was more concerned that his mother has broken down.

– He has been sleeping in our bed these days, partly because I moved his mattress back to his room but he somehow finds his way back into our bed. Today he went to his bed and tucked himself in.

Zayan: Zayan not scared. There’s no monsters…
Me: Yes, there’s no monsters.
Zayan: Zayan buy nerf gun shoot monsters. (Ayah punya kraja ni installing nerf gun ideas)

Oh Zayan!

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