Running again

Today was a semi nice weather in the afternoon. Bit windy but sunny. I decided I’ll actually get up and go out for a jog. I haven’t properly jogged since … a long time ago. I didnt jog when I was pregnant with Ayman (not after the 12th week anyway) and so, that makes it at least a year of no jogging. Gasps!

Anyway I declared I wanted to go jogging but didnt actually make it out until an hour later. The sloth in me was thinking I should just put it off, kesian M looking after the kids (who were playing nicely) AND cook at the same time. Eventually I donned my athletic gear and away I went. Jogging with enthusiasm for five minutes and then…. slowing down….. sakit, sakit. My lungs actually felt like it was on my fire. Is this how unfit people (me) feel like? No wonder people dont want to exercise! This is pain! Where are the endorphins???? I seriously wondered why I like jogging so much previously… I didn’t see any joy in it. I persisted though, stopping and starting so many times… and the fire burning in my lungs died down and it wasnt so bad after awhile.

Phew. Hope it wouldnt be another year till the next jog!

Oh, I have to share this…

So when I went back home, I took the kids out for a lil walk around our neighbourhood. There were a group of Asian boys playing a few doors down. Zayan declared he wanted to say “hi to the boys”, so I said ok, on our way back you can say hi. They were on the other side of the street by then playing football. Zayan was still set on saying hi. I said ok… waited for him as he crossed. He approached them, looking so small and so short compared to the boys (who looked 8-10 years old), his hands crossed at the back of him. He slowed down and stood behind them, they were too engrossed in their game. I came over, Ayman on my hips and said he just wanted to say hi. So, they stopped playing and the boy closest to Zayan came up to him and asked “You alright?” Zayan nodded and rooted around his pocket for something (he always has a toy in his pockets.. except this time he didnt). I prodded him to tell his name… instead he asked their names. The boys were so sweet, melayan tia jua kan anak damit ani and then asked his name. He replied “Abang…” and said “and that Ayman!” as he pointed to his brother. Zayan has this confidence, except he cant talk properly/pronounce things well and still has some social immaturity in him (like wanting to show toy before introducing self). It was all too endearing to watch though. I wish there were more boys his age around here but all I see are older boys.

Anyway thats it from me for today. Ta!


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2 responses to “Running again

  1. Awwww Zayan.. Hehe he is very friendly! And very cute. Hakeem still refers to him as the cute boy who says “Eskuse me, eskuse me!” or the boy who jumped into the big slide by himself.

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