Teen books: yay or nay?

I can’t seem to relax properly these days. Granted half the time I’m just recovering from yet another oncall and also recovering from my never-ending cold (my body is telling me I need to take care of myself better). I realise in the last 20 days that I’ve worked, half of it was oncall shifts.

I would like to do something enjoyable. Something to relax myself in. Like reading. But I find the book is either too long, too boring or too many difficult words. The only non-medical thing I read now (aside from facebook articles) are these short stories by Umm Zakiya. Anyone heard of it? It’s actually pretty addictive! I’m following this short story that comes out every friday… intriguing! Tapi annoying jua because she writes of these stereotypical way of Muslim converts (I feel it’s stereotypical anyway – but I guess there are people like that in the world).

My friend suggested I read a teen book. Because then I’ll feel accomplished after reading one because it’s so easy and quick to read. You see, after long shifts, all I want to do is just relax my brain and not be too emotionally attached on a storyline. Sounds like a good idea. Ha, maybe I’ll take her word for it. Anyone out there of good suggestions of teen books? Am I going to regret this?


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2 responses to “Teen books: yay or nay?

  1. Have you read the Divergent trilogy? Or the sappy Eleanor and Park? Or the more haunting Once by Morris Gleitzman.. All can be found at the teens section of Waterstones. Hee.

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