Of writing again

Have I mentioned that I have these sessions with a life coach? I think I have mentioned it before. It’s a long story why I’ve been asked to see a life coach. It’s part of my training – basically my supervisors in previous rotation think I need to be more assertive and so suggested seeing someone to develop this assertiveness.

So anyway, part of the words of wisdom she imparted to me is finding/discovering/remembering my core values. And bringing this into my work. I didnt really get it at first… she asked what makes me ME. There was a long pause and I admitted … I had to think about it first because I don’t remember who I am anymore. I mean, who I am now feels different from pre-kids era. I used to be so into sports. I loved photography. I loved curling up to read with a cuppa tea and a book. I guess I am still me but just don’t have the time to do all those things anymore. And in not doing those things anymore, I feel different from who I was before. Does this all make sense? I feel like I’m not me without doing the things I love for myself.

And one of the things I love doing is writing. I would love to write everyday on this blog. I love writing here, even if it’s just rambling. But I feel like when I write, it needs to be a proper post. Maybe it doesn’t have to be though. Maybe I should just let the pen do the writing, or the fingers do the tapping. On a sidenote, I read a book once on how to write a book (or something like that) and it suggested writing everyday for at least thirty minutes without any corrections. Just write without thinking. See where it gets you.

So let me try this. To write something, anything in here everyday. We’ll see how long this lasts!

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