FB Detox

I’m on facebook detox. It’s been 3 days now, no withdrawal symptoms as yet. A little part of me thinks whether I’m missing any major updates but figured any major news will be told on whatsapp or directly to me anyway! It was starting to annoy/bother me that:

1. I kept seeing stupid articles of things like ‘why homeopathy is good for curing cancer (as opposed to conventional treatment)’ or some C-celebrity said this or did this. Yawn, do I care. And why am I reading this anyway. Can you hear the sound of my brain cells dying?

2. I end up watching random videos that really didnt benefit or add to my life whatsoever. Like whyyyyy did I just waste two minutes of my life on that.

See, it feels like it’s only a few minutes but I reckon it adds up when I keep clicking on fb whenever I’m bored. Macam ehhh twenty minutes have gone! Plus I’m wondering whether by relinquishing my time, I would be encouraged to do other things… like read a book.

Speaking of which, I’ve bought so many books but none is appealing to me now. #bookslump

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One response to “FB Detox

  1. Blegh. I’m going to do the same. The other night, on my “night off” (ie when Hafidz is putting the kids to sleep so I can take a break) I realised too late that I spent all that free time going through FB contents and not reading a single page of my book! Uselesssss.. And I’m going through a book slump too. :-/

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