Back to work …


As I may have said before (I forget sometimes what I write in here), the childminder have started already coming over to our place. I spend the time in the library (or cafe somewhere) revising back for work. I’m also supposed to complete my neurology online course, but I haven’t made a move of it ever since we left for San Francisco. GAHHH!!!

I offically start on 30th April, but rota says I’m off that week (scheduled off). Instead, I would start on 5th May with oncall on 6th! So I said I’ll come on 30th anyway to get used to things … what is called ‘back to work’ shadowing or whatever they call it. I got a call today and got asked if I can work this Friday and next weekend. WAH WAH WAH! Now I have palpitations of starting work.

Then I had to think of things only new mummies would understand: pumping milk. How baby will feed without me. Sticking to a schedule that will work for us as a family. Ok let’s break it down.

Pumping milk

Alhamdulillah, I would be working in a unit where there are breastfeeding/milk room. So I can have some sort of privacy, though sharing it with other mummies. Or I can just go to the registrar’s room. And I can be spared the awkwardness of storing milk in the staff room’s fridge.

My workplace would be 45 minutes away from home, so there’s no way I can go home for lunch. Even if it’s next door, it’s pretty rare for drs to go back home for lunch. It’s more like “What lunch? Oh, the ten minutes to swallow my food….”

Then, there’s the issue of when I can pump. Realistically I can only pump once: lunchtime. If it’s not too busy, I can pump around 3 pm. IF IT’S NOT BUSY. Cue the sound (or silence) of my milk drying out. Please Ya Allah, let that not happen. I’m not ready to wean my baby off completely off me.

How baby will feed without me

Currently, due to him not gaining weight, the consultant has prescribed him high energy milk. We give him about 2-3 bottles a day and I’ll feed him the rest of the time. My routine is more like this:

7 am feed – ‘main main baru bangun’ feed from me
10 am feed – proper feed – usually bottle
12 pm feed – proper feed from me
3 pm feed – proper feed – usually bottle
7 pm feed – ‘going to sleep’ feed from me

So really, he will be missing only one feed from me. PLUS Ayman has started weaning to solids!! So he is drinking less as well. I guess as long as we wake up early enough, I’ll feed him in the morning before work and feed him straight after work.

Schedule Schmedule

Now I actually have to wake up early. Oh man, I’m really dreading work now. Zayan is getting clingy again now that I’m going to ‘work’. Mesti mama yang mandikan, tidurkan, semua lah mama. Hai-ya. Hopefully this will pass over once we’ve settled in work.

The thing is I always feel like I’m rushing, rushing, rushing. There’s always something to do. Preparing food, cooking, feeding Ayman, laundry, getting myself ready, getting the boys ready. So I’m thinking of how to cut the time doing these things so we all can have quality time with each other.

Mission: Cutting time doing boring things

1. Prepare EVERYTHING the night before. This might be old news for you guys but I’ve only started doing it as a mother of two! LOL I used to be like ‘nyehhh prep isuk pagi saja’. NO! To have a calm and avoid ‘LAJUUUUU! We’re late already!’ atmosphere, we must have everything prepped. Baju Zayan. Baju Ayman. My baju. Susu for the morning. My bag.

2. Cooking dinner:
– Cook for 2 days worth of dinners. We don’t like repeating what we eat but I’m afraid this is what we will have to do.
– Bring sandwich/bagel to work instead. So we can then save food for the next dinner.
– Prep things earlier. We use garlic and ginger in a jar which is my lifesaver. But I also hate to cut onions. And actually all the prepping takes time! Once it’s all cut, it’s easier to campak it all in. So maybe, sunday for cutting things that can be cut earlier. Like onions, carrots, broccoli, coriander.
– Make a meal plan. Now I’ll have to sell the idea to M, because we both like to have food of ‘what we feel like today’. But actually we have a meal plan, we would save up on the time and have things prepped earlier!

My idea is to have something like:

Sunday – cook food enough for sunday and monday dinner.
Monday – LUNCH: sandwiches, DINNER: Leftover food.
Tuesday – LUNCH: some quick food like bagels or salad (cue me laughing), DINNER: Pasta, marinate chicken.
Wednesday – LUNCH: Last night’s pasta, DINNER: Grilled chicken
Thursday – LUNCH: Last night’s grilled chicken, DINNER: Stir fry.
Friday – LUNCH: Last night’s stir fry, DINNER: whatever we want! Takeaway! Eat out!

Ok I have a headache already thinking of this. Will post more on this nanti. I’m gonna try to prepare more food on the go (like sandwiches and bagels) and carry out this meal plan.


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