New childminder

We’ve got a new childminder. Well, kinda ‘new’.

For those who has been reading this blog long enough, you might remember me writing about Zayan’s first childminder. She was very patient, calm, flexible, multi-lingual (she was the one who coined ‘Zayanino’) and she loved Zayan. Basically, in terms of childminder standards, she was difficult a childminder to top. But she got pregnant and we had to find a new childminder. She asks about Zayan and I update her from
time to time, but perhaps in the last year or so, we’ve lost in touch.

When I got on maternity leave, we stopped sending him to his childminder as I would be home all day anyway for six months… with the intention of finding a nanny before I start work.

For those not in the know:

Childminder = you send your kid to their house for a specified amount of time.
Nanny = the nanny comes to your house and stays there for a specified amount of time. You can have a live-in or live-out nanny.
There’s also au pairs but I’m not too sure who those refers to.

We opted for nanny this time because
(1) we dont have to add an extra hour in the morning rushing to send kids to the childminder, (2) kids can wake up in their own time – though my boys seems to be morning people (wake up no later than 9!) and (3) rushing TWO kids in the morning before 8 am just feels too much hard work.

So there I am, looking at the childcare website, looking at nannies’ profiles, trying to find one that sounded decent and doesn’t live too far away from us. Then I noticed one called ‘Bismillah childcare’. Intrigued, I clicked on the profile and it sounded so much like Zayan’s first childminder. She didnt list out her name, so I wasn’t sure. I sent a message through the website, hoping it was her. When we found out we knew each other…


Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah! I did hope
dulu we would get her again but wasnt sure whether she would carry on being childminder after having a kid. And it was too sweet of her dreaming of Zayan playing with her kid one day.

Due to error on my part, she has started two weeks before my official starting work date. But its all good, means we’re settling in at a gradual pace.

So far so good. What I like is that she has an aura that is calming and makes me want to be a better person. On her first day, I wanted to pray zuhur before leaving the house. So we prayed together, which is always nice to pray jemaah with someone. InshaAllah we have got a childminder who will guide Zayan islamically when we’re not there. And bring me closer to the deen too.

Ok, I’m gonna sleep now. Update this later inshaAllah.

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