Easter break

There’s so many things I want to talk about. And so many things we’ve done in the last few weeks.

Basically it’s Zayan’s easter break, like why nursery why you have to have break as well! We can send him still but mesti bayar HMPH.

I was slightly apprehensive on the two weeks break as I didnt want another mental “Omg I am turning insane being cooped up at home with kids and housework” breakdown. Especially since the weather was a bit pants in the beginning of his break.

Alhamdulillah though, Zayan has been in good behaviour, Ayman has been settling into his sleep ‘training’ (more on that later) and the weather has been good the last few days! I’m even beginning to hope that spring is definitely here and begone winter!

So what have we been up to?

M was on nights and we were well bored. So I decided to drive to Manchester to see my abang and his family. Yup, with my two boys solo. I think part of me wanted to do it to prove to myself that I can do it. Drive solo on a long trip. Plus it’s like an adventure!

The kids fell asleep not long after we set off. So I spent the 2.5 hour drive singing to pop songs and dancing to them. It brought me back to road trips with my girls, specifically Zimah. You know Taylor Swift and Jessie J makes good roadtrip music. There’s something liberating in that drive… like I can have some peace to my thoughts and have some satisfaction that I did it.


We just chilled out in Manchester but it was nice to be around family. And not have Zayan following me around as he’s too busy playing with his cousins. And Ayman was just sleeping half the time. I seemed to think that he sleeps more easily and longer when we’re out of the house but it might just be me being more pre-occupied outside and not think ‘when are you gonna sleep, when???’

Pic of my nephew Ameen and Zayan, they’re of the same ‘age range’ (you know how with your cousins, you have cliques of cousins with same age range) They used to not be friends, being indifferent initially and then nemesis. Now they’re starting to be friends with each other. They were the first to wake up and this showed some questionable parenting on my part. Biscuits for breakfast??? Sorry, it was 7 am, my head still throbbed and eyes blurry. Makantah kamu. I did stop them after a few biscuits!

Then there was the bank holiday weekend. We had steamboat with my BIL and SIL. That was nicceeeeee. I lovr steamboat. The idea is so simplistic but so good! Communal eating is the way to go. We had lots of thin strips of beef and mutton, huge shrimps and assorted seafood. Nyums. I dont usually like fishballs, it often taste too processed for me but these ones were niceeee.


We also went to Twinlakes, which is a huge recreational place. It has rides for mostly little people, boat rides, train ride, outdoor playground, indoor soft play area, sandy pits, a mini farm and water park area. I like that it didnt have the commercialized feel of some recreational parks (like Alton Towers or Legoland). This is just a huge playground, have fun! We went on
what felt like the sunniest day of the year so far. So there was a looooot of people but it wasnt too crowded. You can have picnics with no other family around you for another few hundred yards.

By 3.30 pm, we were pooped and went back home.






And yesterday my mummy buddy, Reema, and I took the kids to Twycross Zoo. That deserved a post of its own! Reema and I have been mummy buddies , with our almost synchronised maternity leave.

Ok that’s it for now!!Ta!


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3 responses to “Easter break

  1. Nisa

    I know full well about school holiday breakdowns. After the last one, I made it a family policy for Hafidz to take a few days “mandatory” leave during school holidays! Heehee.

    • Tell me about it! That’s a good idea!! Baiktah plan holiday nya awal2 as lotsa other drs tend to have the same idea! Book cuti raya! Me and M ate both oncall wknd raya ah! (Too many exclamation marks!)

      And too funny pasal medal ah. It really wasnt that difficult. Both of them tend to sleep in the car and kalau nangis, ermmmm nothing to do but wait for them to stop. heh. At least you know they’re breathing when they cry right??

  2. Nisa

    Omg and BRAVO on the solo drive to Manchester! That amount of courage deserves some kind of medal or something.

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