Grumpy mama

Zayan is talking more and more, and I’m amazed at the things he picked up. The other day I was cleaning his bum post poo and said ‘Your poo is so potent, Zayan!’. He repeated the word potent and has been saying it ever since.

Zayan: “Ayah, Zayan poo green.”
Me: How does it smell like?
Zayan: “Poo potent, Ayah…”

Today I was a bit grumpy. I was tired and baby was fussy and took awhile to go to sleep. He would nap for half an hour each time and then it would be harder to put him back to sleep.

I made a cup of coffee and didnt sit down to drink until an hour later (had to microwave it). You know as I held my sleeping baby… Zayan saw me drinking and the accompaying digestive biscuits. He insisted on having a big piece, which I initially resisted as there’s only three left (I’m like Joey. Fizah doesnt share food!). But I relented as I couldnt be bothered to argue. He dunked it in my hot drink but then got distracted looking at something and didnt eat it straight away. I told him to eat it straight away but he didnt. Of course, it dropped to the floor being soggy and all. In my grumpy state, I told him off for not listening. “Seee! Seee! What happens!” I cringe as I think back what happened. He looked down at the sorry soggy biscuit and gave a sorry look. I offered him another (smaller) piece but huffed about it as he ate it quietly.

Anyway, so he went back to playing and he was just minding his own business. But I felt bad. I’ve been such a grouchy cow all afternoon and now I’ve just told off my three year old son over some soggy biscuit.


So I called him over…

Me: Zayan, come here…
Zayan: *dutifully came over*
Me: Mama sorry ok? Mama shouldnt have been angry like that. Mama’s just tired, ok?
Zayan: Zayan sorry mama.
Me: It’s ok, mama just tired and need some sleep.
Zayan: Me too. Zayan tired…
Me: Shall we sleep? *hopeful*
Zayan: No… *carries on playing*

Ehhh hopeful dah dapat nap.

Anyway, I love you Zayanino. Mama so sorry for being a grumpy grouchy person sometimes! I’ll make you pancakes tomorrow to make it up, ok?

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