So I’m waiting for a haircut. My appointment is at 4 pm. I came in 15 minutes and told they are running late anyway. There’s another 3 people waiting in line. So much for 4 pm appointment! (ignoring the fact that I was late)

To be honest, I knew this was gonna happen even though this is my first time at this particular one. They run on ‘Asian’ time including the customers! Oh she said that “when one person’s late, everything runs late…” Eh eh eh, inda ku terasa tu. I guess I’m not the only one late today.

I find it difficult to find ‘ladies only’ hair salon despite Leicester being pretty multicultural aka a lot of Asians/muslims. I go to Beeswax for my haircuts (which is like twice a year) but they’re currently closed for refurbishment. There is one who offered to open half an hour early so that I can be there when there is no potential male customers. I thought that was nice of her, unfortunately she only has slots in the weekday currently.

Omg she said to a walk in customer that it would be 45 min to 1 hour wait. There’s only two hairdressers, one is blowdrying since forever and one is threading eyebrows. My hair is like Hermione Granger in her younger years (kerebo frizzy hantap), so I’m pretty desperate.

Right so I watched the video clip of Mariah Carey singing in the car with James Corden. I can’t help but grin like mad and laugh watching it. It brings back memories of high school, singing to MC especially with my lovely War who try to the falsetto bit. Haha! Oh those were the carefree days.

What would I say to my 16 year old self? I was quite self conscious, feeling un-beautiful and un-pretty but hiding it quite well I think. I had great support network, my rnB friends who injected much confidence in each other. We didnt care what anyone thought, we were just living life and having fun. We were up for playing sports whenever wherever… playing ‘football’ (made out of crushed tin can) in middle of school corridor, no problem. Basketball and netball after school.
And then volleyball near the waiting area. Maybe people thought we were kambang. We didnt mean to attract attention, we were just …. having fun.

I love my girls… I really dont think I will be the person I am today without them. And I’m so glad we’re still friends and behind each other’s back.

Now we talk about kids and jobs and going through life’s battles. Out of that bubble, it transpires that life isnt as easy as it used to be… we learn that death can knock on the door of our loved ones unexpectedly. That our parents are ageing and are
more fragile than we realise. That relationships need hard work sometimes. That children test our patience. That our jobs can wear us down and having that going away break is much needed.

But you know what I love most, that we go way back. That my family know my friends and vice versa.

Love you girls, mwah!

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  1. Nisa

    I watched that video too and gave me emotional flashbacks.. Oh to be young and carefree! Heehee and I’ve always wanted to ask, what does rnB stand for?!

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