Random thoughts

Random thoughts that would go well to be written in twitter but I can’t remember my password.

1. Around 9 pm, when I look out Zayan’s bedroom window, I can see a star and also a plane flying past. Everyday, or at least all the time when I look out the window. I find this predictability very reassuring and comforting.

It’s like when you do your daily walk to work and you go past a stranger. You recognise that stranger because he/she always passes you by at the same place during your daily walk. It’s so comforting dont you think. Like the world has its routine and it will keep turning come what may.

2. Whenever I clean the kitchen sink and throw away the dirty bits on that hole thing (what is it called?), I think of my mum. Somehow I associate cleaning it as a grown up thing to do.

3. I didnt know what the difference between rocket and spaceship is until we went to the space galley at the Science Museum: Or maybe I vaguely do. I asked mumtathil if we can put people in rockets, he looked at me incredulously. I’m pretty sure he wonder about my intelligence sometimes. (He proceeded to explain in great detail the difference zzzzzzzzz)

4. There are times when I am unable to appease Ayman when he cries. Like when I’m in the middle of pakaikan baju Zayan or when driving. I find it reassuring in a way though. When he cries, I know he’s breathing.

Ok that’s it, sekian.

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