Life back then in Kg Ayer

I had an idea the other day. I would write about life in Kg Ayer back in the old days, as in a non ficitional writing. Mostly I wanted to ask my parents about life back then. I knew bits and pieces and heard some stories now and again of the life in Kg Ayer. But I wanted to know more.

This sudden peak of interest came after all those deaths I wrote about. Thinking about mortality and how we can never predict. So although I wish for my parents to be with me forever after, we can never predict how life will pan out to be. I dont want to regret not asking their life when they were kids, a life that is so foreign to us now. A life that Zayan and Aymanwill never know of. One they probably can’t even imagine. At least I had some memories of sleeping over my nini/cousins place and had a glimpse of life there.

My grandma made awesome kuih brunei. Back when she was more
active, there was always some sort of kueh on the kitchen table. Kuih tilapam, tapai, ardam, penyaram, penyelurut (sp?), sri muka, kutu mayang…. you name if, she can do it. When my grandma passed away, I regretted not learning how to make the traditional kuih Brunei from her. I had always wanted to but never made the time or properly asked her. It was always something that was at the back of my head.

So now, with time on my hands (kinda), I’ve asked my parents on life in Kg Ayer. Our conversation has been sporadic and random but I’ll try to articulate it properly in another post.

In the meantime, here’s a bit of conversation with my dad on swimming:

“Dulu dulu semua pandai beranang. Jarang eh kanak kanak lamas. Kalau anak damit gugur saja, atu pun jarang banar. Dari umur tiga ampat tahun sudah pandai beranang. Mula mula main aing, lapas atu belajar sendiri2…”

(“Back then, all the kids in Kg Ayer knew how to swim. Drowning was very rare except if anak damit (babies) fell in, and that’s very rare. Kids knew how to swim since they were three or four years old. It starts off with main aing. Then you just learn by yourself how to swim.”)

I reminded him on the story of how my aunty (his younger sister) was thrown into the waters by my dad, who was the eldest brother.

“Ohh, atu pasal apa tu ah… ahh pasal kalau beulah, kana umban dalam aing”

(“Ohh, what was that about… ahhh if you misbehave, you get thrown into the waters”)

*Insert crying-laughter emoticon*

Ok that’s it from me now. Will relay more stories in future post(s), insyaAllah.




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