What we did at San Francisco

I am
now feeling much less depressed being back. And sleeping and waking up at a reasonable time. It took us four days to get over jet lag. Recovering from jet lag with kids are tough! Tougher than the flight itself – the ten hour flight feels like a breeze in comparison. Either kid(s) is too cranky or too hyper and your brain is still wondering what to do with itself. And the bed is calling you, all the time.

I’d love to do a proper post but in meantime, here’s a snapshot:

We rented a car. They gave us a jeep because the compact car we wanted wasnt available. Aint complaining!



This means a lot of pictures of the hills which I have failed to capture. (San Francisco is ridiculously hilly!)

And also a lot of selfies…


(I am quite good at looking at the map and giving directions most of the time really)

Making Zayan pose for a picture. Unsuccessful when asked.


More vanity action whilst carrying this little one – who seems to be good at looking at the camera. Yes, train them young folks.


Taking ten thousand pics of the Golden Gate bridge. And pointing to Zayan ‘the Big Hero 6 bridge’ each time.


Eating good sushi. It makes me feel like I’ve been ripped off by Yo sshi!


And just enjoying the sea. The beach. The waters.


Fun facts about San Francisco:

1. The Chinatown is the largest in the world outside China.

2. There are so many oriental and southeast Asian restaurants there! It feels like everywhere I turn, there’s a japanese or chinese or korean restaurant interpersed with thai and vietnamese restaurants.

3. There are not a lot of KFC/McDonalds in the city – for a US city I was so surprised to see this! Zayan ate chips only ONCE in the whole ten days we were there! There wasnt even a popular fast food restaurant in the airport terminal we were at. There was italian, american diner-like, japanese, chinese, grilled food….so (pleasantly) surprised!

4. They have very little roundabout in San Francisco (I think maybe the whole US is like this?). Instead they have a lot of junctions – no traffic lights – and everyone seems pretty civil in letting the other driver(s) go past first. We’re unsure how it works but we think the driver who arrived first at a cross junction goes first.

5. The Golden Gate bridge is painted red… not golden… why is this?

Sekian, till next time.

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