Changing time perception

Ok, so we’re flying in 12 days time. I’m not counting days really. Ok, I am but I’m trying not to.

I’m making a list of what to pack and prepare before going. Like exchanging money. And printing tickets and stuff like that.

You know, digressing a little bit, last week I prepared stuff for Zayan’s swimming lesson the night before his lesson. It suddenly felt to me like I HAVE BECOME A MOM. Ok, so I’ve been a mum now for 3 years and a bit. I am more organised than I was pre-babies but I still find myself rushing through things and going ‘COME ON ZAYAN! We’re late now!’ (as he slowly walk to the door and deciding whether to bring his fire engine or not). So, now I feel like I’ve had it with being late and rushing through things. Aside from the stress that comes with it, I find that Zayan is in a better mood when we’re not rushing. I mean, when we didn’t rush to swimming lesson and he had time to take it all in before jumping into the pool, he was in such a better mood. So, it’s time I curb this bad habit of mine.

I recently read a blog post on why people are late (here by CupofJo). I could totally relate, especially the one where I have poor time perception. I think that I can get ready and out of the house in 5 minutes (10 mins minimum in reality). And that if the appointment is at 2.30 pm, I take it as being there at 2.30 pm. Rather than I should give myself 10 minutes leeway and should be there 2.20 pm. So, I am trying to change this time perception of mine, insyaAllah slowly but surely.

And of course, having things ready the night before will help. I used to think of this as such a cumbersome and boring thing to do. Why prepare stuff when I could just do it the same day? Well, I’m changing now and getting ready stuff the night before. I feel like such a mom. In my head, mums have it all ready before you even articulate what you want/need.

OK, where was I? Oh yeah. Making a list for travelling.

Fortunately, I’ve got a ‘Babychecklist app’ that I’ve kept since Zayan started travelling. It doesn’t matter if it’s one night to my in laws or two weeks to Brunei, I use this app to check that I’ve got everything. I’ve made a personalised list and it’s great because I have a list for when Zayan was a baby (now applicable for Ayman) and when he’s older.

In my next post – because I like compartmentalising my posts- I’ll talk through my travel history with Zayan just to jog memories of what I should bring and what stuff to remember to do.

Ta for now!

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