If you’re happy…

My ‘stress’ of the day: tryinng to quicken process of mother nature as the British gas people are coming in 20 minutes time. You can’t quicken these things! (Unlike some people who can go and take a dump during short lunch break, but that person shall remain nameless)

Anyway, it has occured to me that I can be a hermit and not go out of the house at all and life can proceed as normal. Everything can be done online these days. Online banking. Grocery shopping. Amazon shopping. Clicking on the kindle. Skyping. All our bills are done through online debit. Takeaway meals. Why would I need to go out??? Oh yea, so I dont go crazy between these walls of my house.

M is oncall this week, ie he’s out of the house from 8 am to 10 pm. I am managing reasonably well. My patience was tested last night but I held back my tongue as much as I could and tried to exude much zen and calmness instead. Do you know what can make you happy? Singing the ‘If you’re happy and you know…’ song. Esp the hurray bit. Sing it to a kid and I challenge you not to smile as you pump those arms up in the sky and say hurray.

If you’re happy and you know it, and YOU REALLY WANT TO SHOW IT, If you’re happy and you know, you say HURRAY!

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