Niat baik

Just wanna share this…

Yesterday we brought Ayman over to GP clinic for his circumcision. We decided to do his early after talking to friends who had their sons circumcised when they were babies. Recovery is quick,babies didnt seem to be affected after and no need to worry re general anaesthetic or the emotional trauma that comes with it.

So anyway, we were asked to come an hour earlier (asar time) with the appointment being at 5 pm. I fretted over where to pray. It’s likely we wouldn’t get home till after magrib. I used to work in that GP clinic and knew the area well. M could pray at the masjid just across (THAT DIDNT HAVE FEMALE PRAYING FACILITIES) but where would I pray? I didnt have any clearcut solutions except for hoping I can pray at the clinic somehow somewhere (I used to pray in my own clinic room but obviously I cant use the clinic rooms…). And you know what, when M went over to the masjid whilst I waited in the waiting room, I saw a staff member bringing sajadah to the breastfeeding room just across and beckoned to a woman behind me. When the woman came back out, I asked her if she was praying (like no duh). She affirmed and showed me the sajadah and qiblat. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. And there’s a sink in there too and I can ambil wudhu. WIN!

It reminded me of someone saying once – if kitani ada niat to do something good, insyaAllah di sanangkan to fulfill this niat. Especially bab sembahyang. InsyaAllah if kitani niat ‘I’ll pray somewhere somehow…’, it will be made easy for us.

Like when I was doing my exam in hotel in Nottingham. There wasnt time after exam to catch the train and go home and pray. Again I fretted beforehand but assured myself the solution will come to me somehow. After the exam, I asked the reception if they had a spare room for me to pray, promising that I’ll only use it for a few minutes, and they directed me to an empty room used for meetings. Another WIN to this was that a msian girl heard me and went to pray with me. She lives. in loughborough and we have been in contact since – did bedside sessions together for the next exam.

I think I’ve realised not to malu betanya. At Conkers, this forest reservation place, I asked the lady at reception and again she directed me to a meeting room. She didnt even look at me weirdly or anything. I usually just ask for an empty room to use for a few minutes to pray. Disini I feel if I asked nicely, people would help and accomodate.

And the best memory was when my friends and I were in Belgium. Usually we would find shops with fitting room to pray in. But the square had just restaurants and cafes and chocolate shops. Never mind, we decided to just ambil wudhu and then find a place to pray. We walked for a bit and decided to go into this restaurant to use their toilets. Imagine 6 (or so) hijabbi girls coming in to use the toilets. When we walked out of the toilets, one waiter stopped us. Uh-oh kana marah kah ni. He asked us if we wanted a place to pray. *cue emoji basar mata* like what what. How how. Anyway they directed us to what looked like storage cum locker room. I think they were Algerian kali, muka macam urang putih ada jua tapi arab2 ada jua. They made space for us and took out a huge cloth for us to pray on.

This story is not untuk bragging or riya. But as a reminder and motivation… kadang2 payah when jalan2 or travelling to sembahyang. Pikirkan dimana kan sembahyang, cemana kan wudhu. Especially di negeri bukan Islam ani. InsyaAllah though if niat kitani ada, it will be made easier…


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  1. Lyn


    I also find fizah, that if you know you will need to pray at a place you know you will be that people will go out of their way to accommodate you if you email them in advance to ask them. For example masa kami ke peppa pig world di uk (lol yes, even there), I emailed them to say that we were planning a visit and is there someplace we could use for a few minutes between this and this time for prayers. N they booked one of their meeting rooms for us for half an hour which I thought was awesome!

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