Pics to go with last post

I was gonna post up pics to go with the last
post but now I cant be bothered to make sure the pics are in the right slot between paragraphs. So I’ll just put them up here.


Morning scene: chillin’ in bed whilst Mama gets ready.


Ayman accompanying me… usually he would be tired from all the crying when I'm in the shower/getting ready. So as soon as I pick him up, he goes to sleep within minutes. Then woe me for having to do some nature calling (the big kind), so he comes with me to make sure he stays asleep.


Evidence of how close we are to the shop.


At the park. We’re on one of those animal springy ride thing. He is trying to catch me here with his elephant whilst I escape on the horse.

Sleeping baby! Just how I like it when we're out.


Mid afternoon. He’s sleeping. I want to sleep. But zayan doesnt wanna sleep 😦

Ok Ayman’s crying now, gtg!

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