My day

I’ve been asked a few times the million dollar question: “So what do you do all day?”

With Zayan as a baby, I used to get annoyed with this question. Like WHAT DO YOU MEAN?? Do you think I’m not doing anything? Do you know how much time, energy and effort a baby consumes??

Zayan was a more high maintenance baby (sorry Zayan, it’s true). He demanded a lot of attention, cried a lot, wanted to be held all the time and … cried some more. Ayman is more chillaxed, his cries are less ‘grating to the brain’ (Zayan had a more high pitched cry) and he’s better with his sleep.

So here’s what happened today to give you an idea of a mum on mat leave:

Background: M is oncall this weekend *cries* Not only will I be bored — I’ve been friendless during weekdays— but It means flying solo the whole weekend. Betawakal banar, hoping my sanity stays intact.

7.30 am: Zayan woke me up asking for susu. (Yes he still drinks his bottle – one when he wakes up and one during bedtime. I can’t fight this battle – especially before sleep one – just yet. His love for it is too strong.) Woke M up for this task since he needs to wake up anyway.

7.40 am: The whole house is wide awake now, Ayman included. Rushed for subuh prayers, baik jua akhir abis subuh ani.

8 am: M left the house. Zayan wants yoghurt for breakfast (he wanted pancakes actually but since there’s no more milk and I’m too lazy, he is offered yoghurt instead).

8.15 am: Decided to give Ayman a bath. Convinced Zayan to stop watching ipad and hop on the bathtub as well. They usually have wash separately but today it feels easier to just have them both in. Ayman in his mini bathtub and Zayan using the showerhead.

8.45 am: Both boys washed, dressed and ready to start the day. It feels so satisfying to have both kids washed and dressed.

At the start of each day, I make a mental list of what to do. Today’s list is short: Go to supermarket. Call HSBC. Clean kitchen.

(Friday’s list were longer:
Return stuff from Mango.
Register Zayan for swimming lessons. Go to GP for Ayman’s vaccination.
Continue online learning.
Continue online Arabic lesson.
Do laundry)

9 am: Fed Ayman. Zayan has had his third yoghurt tub.

9.30 am: The three of us are still in bed. Zayan is back on ipad whilst I watch the latest Malay drama.

10 am: Decided to have a shower. Placed both boys on the bed so I can see them from the bathroom.

10.10 am: Had the quickest shower and dressed for the day. Ayman was screaming hence the quick shower.

10.50 am: We are finally out of the house! Getting out of the house feels like such an affair, it tires me before we even get to the car. Putting Ayman in his winter suit, put hat on, place him in car seat. Find socks for Zayan, got him to wear his shoes by himself, put jacket on (he wanted a thinner jacket than his winter jacket. I agreed, too tired to argue). Got my coat, made sure everything (aka stove) is switched off. Ensured Zayan inda kacau Ayman. Shopping list constructed. Again more instructions to Zayan to lay off Ayman. Finally, OFF WE GO!

11 am: Wait, we’re not out of driveway as I had to de-ice my car windows. ARGH. Decided warm water is the quickest solution. Off to go back inside to get the kettle.

11.05 am: Got the parent/child parking space that is the closest to the shop. Like really next to the entrance. Like 10 seconds walk to the door. Do you know how awesome this is??? This space is so rare to get and I’m in it! I know so sad being excited for this. Sigh, this has what my life has come down to.

11.20 am: Taking my time at Asda. It’s not like I have to be anywhere else. Ayman asleep IN the cart (in his detachable car seat), Zayan in a good mood and wanting to hold everything in the cart including my pads.

12 am: Out of Asda. It’s such a nice sunny day. Dont wanna go back home, cold quiet lonely home. But Ayman is due feed soon and Zayan needs to pee in half an hr (we make him pee every 2 hrs. Any longer there is a risk of him having an accident.) Never mind, we’ll go to the closest park. Time: 30 mins.

12.30 pm: Actually went back home close to the 30 min deadline I gave myself. Zayan scooted a little, until the scooter hit some dog poo (grrrr). Then we went to the playground. Quite fun actually albeit it being a little cold. Apparently fresh air, even if its cold, is good for babies. Ayman is happy enough asleep throughout our park time.

12.40 pm: Got two boys, three grocery bags, one contaminated scooter out of the car. Told Zayan he can go get ipad and he happily took off his shoes and jacket whilst I did rest of unloading.

1 pm: Got ready to get the scooter cleaned. Zayan declared he has peed. *Smoke coming out of ears*

Can’t help but told Zayan off. Feels like this whole toilet training is going backwards. He has been getting more accidents lately (every other day). And each time he says he wants to pee in the toilet when he already has peed! *heart boiling*

I usually just tell him not to pee in pants, clean him up. Today I decided on some negative reinforcements – no ipad for rest of day. This resulted in a very tearful three year old.

Got out last night’s leftover. Put Zayan in his chair whilst I cleaned the scooter at the back. The close proximity of dining room and back door means I can even hear Zayan singing and talking to himself whilst eating lunch. (And his constant ‘Finish, mama!’ which means he wants more.)

1.30 pm: Ayman woke up just as I was wolfing down my lunch. Need water, think lunch is stuck in the middle of oesophagus.

1.40 pm: Fed Ayman. Need to pray now.

2 pm: Zayan wants to poo just as I wanted to pray. Sigh.

2.20 pm: Sorted out laundry.

3 pm: Played lego with Zayan. I’m not good with boy toys (cars, lego) but once in awhile, I try my best to throw myself into it. We made a track out of lego and had racing competitions. He doesnt like it whenever I win.

Ayman fed again. He is happy enough sitting on my lap whilst I win laps. Changed nappy in middle of the lego mess. (Zayan got me a clean nappy,
good boy!)

3.40 pm: Really tired. Like really tired. Got both boys on our bed and popped on ‘Big Hero 6’ (Zayan’s current face movie) on my laptop.

Ayman and I fell asleep at some point – I woke up half an hour later to Zayan still watching the movie. Ayman is still asleep.

5 pm: About to pray when Ayman woke up.

5.30 pm: Ayman keeps crying whenever I put him down. So he’s all wrapped around me with Moby Wrap. He goes to sleep within minutes. Ready to cook now!

Zayan is hungry, gave hin yoghurt. Usually he would be asking for biscuit or Pringles by now (those are our only snacks that he can see. The chocolates are well hidden).

6 pm: Chicken not fully defrosted yet. Cleaned Zayan’s peed-on pants, trousers and the cushion he peed on.

He has asked for the movie ‘Planes’ to be put on the PS 3. Ok lah….

6.30 pm: Chicken broth is simmering. Rice being cooked. Chicken is getting tender as it’s boiled away. Was watching a Jamie Oliver show where he put in bay leaves in chicken broth, decided to try it out.

7 pm: Prayed with baby still wrapped on me. He’s so nicely asleep that I didnt have the heart to wake him up. He did squirm a little when ambil wudhu, probably felt macam ujan rabai2 haha.

Sometime after this, Zayan showed me his artwork… on my important paeds documents!!! Sigh. Had these forms on the table for me to fill it in and sent tomorrow. Gave him a look and spared him some telling off. He said something to indicate that he HAS DONE SOME
ARTWORK MAMA, ARENT YOU PROUD OF ME??!!! Sigh. No telling off, I choose my battles.

7.30 pm: Dinner is finally ready. Regretted following the recipe where the chicken had to be fried. I hate
frying, it takes too long and require active attention from me. (I like grilling/roasting instead)

7.50 pm: Zayan is still eating. He started making a mess on his second plate but I made him finish as much as he can. He’s wolfing down the chicken, mangetout and soup – but not the rice. ‘Feed me, mama!’ when I told him to finish rest of his rice.

Meanwhile, I was wolfing down my dinner when Ayman woke up and demanded to be fed. Sigh. Macam tau saja tiap
kali mamanya kan makan.

8.30 pm: cleaned zayan up from his messy messy dinner. (Seriously any tips on lessening mess on toddler???? He drops so much rice on his chair and floor!) Changed him into pajamas. Vacuumed the dining floor and kitchen.

8.40 pm: Got his milk ready. Kitchen and dining area in presentable condition. Living room tidied up.
He is so happy that I gave him his bottle of milk (usually he has to ask me for it) that he tidied all his toys before going to bed. Which meant his cars in the living room, Lego in his room and some more lego in the guest room.

Ayman is happily distracted with the cot lullaby thing.

9 pm: Gave Zayan ipad for a quick watch. Figured he’s been good today to earn it back.

9.30 pm: Both boys asleep HURRAH!!!! My day can finally begin now…..

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