What kind of learner are you?

Today I started my distance learning aka learning online. I’ve signed up to this Paediatric Neurology course – there are 12 different units (aka topics) and they estimate about 60 hours per unit (or something like that) to complete a unit. This is on estimation of a person working 6 hours a week on this course. Basically you get given ‘Activities’ – this involves reading articles, answering questions, a whole lot of reflecting and going to clinics or meeting other health professionals. I’m not sure how I’ll do the last bit but I figure I’ll save that close to starting work.

The first Activity involved identifying myself as what kind of learner. It turns out – from doing this long winded questionnaire – that there is very strong preference of being an Activitist and strong preference of being a Pragmatist. All in all, it means I like to try new things, I will finish a project and then want to go on to the next one, and I deal with things practically. I basically just do things. It’s true, I hate it when there’s so much to read on a question, I feel like ‘JUST TELL ME ALREADY WHAT TO DO!’. And I dont like long winded explanations, I doze off and just want the bottom line, the conclusion. I think M is the opposite of this – he wants to read everything and then understand what everything is and what you’re supposed to do. It’s like when reading a recipe, I look at the ingredients to check if I have them or not and then I quickly skim through the method – if it looks fairly easy, I’ll do it. I’ll have a rough idea on what I’m supposed to be doing and then just crack on doing it. Only when I start baking/cooking, then I’ll read each point one by one.
Which may open up surprises for me (what, what I dont have vege stock! I didnt see that ingredient there when I first read this!). Or I realise midway that I dont have enough of the ingredients (100 gram, 200 gram, 300 gram of flour… whats the difference??).

Knowing what kind of learner I am supposedly will help me learn better in this distance learning. I’m not sure how though. I’ll let you know if I’ve discovered the wisdom behind this knowledge. Except for knowing my pitfalls- like I know now I have to make sure to read things properly cos I tend to not to. Also apparently as a pragmatist, I need to develop my lateral thinking skills (I knew this! I just dont know how to expand my lateral thinking!)

So what kind of a learner are you?

Btw I’m doing all this learning because:

(1) I’m actually bored

(2) It’s nice to have a ‘purpose’ to my days. I am aiming to do it when Zayan is at nursery. Ayman usually sleeps most of the mornings and I can use that time to do the activities. Oh, once I finish each ‘activity’, I have to send it to the course organisation who will give me
certificate and CPD Points. I actually honestly dont know what CPD points really mean but I figure it will put me in good standing the more points I have, especially if I want to apply for grid (subspecialty) training.

(3) Now that I have no more exams
to do, I can actually do things that I enjoy. Ok I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy this as the section I’m currently doing is pretty boring. But acquiring knowledge is stimulating!

(4) I know there are not many local specialists back home and I remember this consultant I once worked with pointing out a crucial factor: If there’s not many of you, which means you will be in charge of a great number of patients, they will be depending on you to be the best you can be. The best the country has. I know it’s poyo to think like that but it’s true, isnt it? If I am the minority that has to take care of the majority, I need to be bloody damn good in what I do! *pressure diri sendiri*

So ever since he instilled that in me, I keep thinking I have to learn more, know more, be really good in what I do. I’m nowhere near what I would like to be but hopefully this is one step closer. Amin.

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