Hello 2015!

It’s 2015 already!!

I missed the whole end of 2014 and start of 2015 as I was down with a nasty cold. Like seriously nasty. I was shivering in bed, hacking away, high temperatures, subpar energy level and all this whilst still looking after my two boys. I think I had a meltdown at one point (“I WISH THERE’s FAMILY AROUND!!!”). At one point, I collapsed in the middle of the night just outside the bathroom – I think I fell in the bathroom first before collapsing again near the door. So M took the day off so I can recuperate as much as I can.

It’s only when your good health is taken away from you, that you realise you’ve taken it for granted. Five days after contracting this
virus, I felt normal again. I woke up feeling ALIVE with no fever, coughing yes but no fever. Pretty sure I was hopping myself in giddiness of having good health once again, Alhamdulillah.

(Btw when I collapsed, Mumtathil took me to our bed, felt my pulse and went ‘it’s just syncope’. Doncha just love living with another medic!)

Anyway, so it’s the new year. There’s a few things I’d like to plan to welcome the new year. Like our tradition to get the Lonely Planet calendar. Guess it makes us feel better to see pics of the world even though we cant do as much travelling as we’d like.

I also want to sit down and look at our finances. Plan how much to save up
for a house. For travels. For long term savings. We save each month but it’s nice to have A PLAN. Whenever I look at my finances and how I could save more previously, it depresses me. Soooo I’ll do this when I’m in a better mood and health haha!

I’ve also signed up to do distance learning. Which basically is learning through the internet. I know I should be ‘enjoying’ my maternity leave but I’d like to use my time wisely as well. Zayan goes to nursery three
times a week and since Ayman pretty much naps most of the morning, I can use that time to learn something. As I’ve passed my exams now, I can focus on going a step ahead on a subspecialty. I havent decided what I would like to subspecialise on but I seem to veer towards neurology, neurodisability throughout my medical
career. So if I am still
interested after this distance learning, maybe I do like to go into that after all. Working in neurology ward totally put me
off doing neurology but looking at my previous presentations, most of it is neurology-based! So maybe I am
interested in it. Plus I used to work with a General Paediatrician with special interest in neurology and he made me love it. It’s amazing on how someone’s passion can make
you love the topic too and inspire and motivate you. I’d like to
that one day I have the same effect too on someone.

What else? I’m looking for an Arabic tutor. More
like having informal lessons. It’s hard to stick to a fixed schedule of lessons especially on figuring out childcare. But I am yet to find someone local to teach Arabic on an individual or even group
basis but informally.

As for the kids, I’m trying to teach Zayan to count but he seems to
not be able
count in English. He cant get past ‘1’! He says ‘1,3,8,7!’ , it’s very infruriating especially as we go through it all the time
both formally or informally. Like he knows what 2 is because when I say ‘only TWO
pringle’, he totally gets it! But he just wont
say ‘1, 2, 3….’ ! I cant tell whether he’s
doing it on purpose or
not. The thing
is he can count 1 to 10 in malay! When I’m losing my will when he wont count properly in English, he’ll count in order perfectly in Malay.

…. That’s
it, I think he’s doing it on purpose. It’s
his cunning plan on
how to make his mama hyperventilate.

Ok that’s it from
me now. I wanted to talk
day at
Conkers and then our date night, but maybe another time

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