I have so many (random) things to talk about. But right now, let me just write on how I feel this very moment. I am besotted.


Besotted with this little one. I think the stress of having a newborn and managing a toddler (toddler? preschooler?) can get to me. So I can get annoyed at anyone or everyone. But not this one. This one balum pandai buat salah. Even if ya mau minum balik2 or cries for attention (feeble cries really) or doesnt like his baths/nappy change, I can’t be angry at him. Mana jua apa tau nya.

He likes to give a clueless look too. Like eh, whaf?

Rasa kan di pirik2, hug so tight. Patut tah Zayan gerigitan all the time, I feel the same way too.

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One response to “Besotted

  1. julezz188

    I get what you mean! Haneen can do no wrong at this moment, even when I can’t figure out what she is fussy about, or if she, on some random night, decides not to sleep but to smile and chuckle instead. They are lucky at this stage, haha.

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