Zayan turns 3

Yesterday was zayan’s birthday. I still cant believe it’s been 3 years since Zayan entered this world, our lives. At times, I feel like he’s still a baby, not fully formed in his sentences, crying and manja over little
things. And then sometimes he amazes me with what he comes up with, the formation of his thoughts, how much he is absorbing and spewing out.

Anyway, every year we would have mumtathil’s family coming over for a lil makan makan, nothing major, just a family meeting up with food, some cake and then opening presents. The thing is we felt zayan didnt understand anyway about birthdays, so lets not make a big deal about this.

Nowadays though, he is reveling in cakes and party. Think he’s been to a few birthday parties with the childminder and kids in her (extended) family. He would pretend to make cake and sing ‘happy birthday mama’ and clap as I blow the candles. He is becoming more egocentric as well – thinking every surprise is a ‘present’ and every post is for him. ‘For meeeee?!’ Breaks my heart to say no each time haha.

So I decided we’ll make it a little more special this time. My mum cooked a feast for us: nasi ayam and soto daging. She made chocolate cupcakes and her signature sponge cake with jam. It’s a shame I didnt take a photo: it was indeed a feast. I made some cream tarts with fruits as well: cheat tarts as the pastry was store bought. Hey, a mum needs her cheats!

Blew up balloons – amazing how balloons just make things more festive! Took out our nice tableclothes. Ordered a spiderman cake (well, kinda). My piece de resistance – made a spiderman pinata.

I spent half the time away breastfeeding and the other half trying to make sure things are done. I regret not taking as many photos. We had THREE change of clothes. Makan soto kenyamanan sampai tumpah. Then next time makan soto, sampai ke jubur tumpahnya (how??). And another apakah happened that made his baju wet. Btw zayan has an obession of being dry – he cant have any wet patches or else he’ll want a change of clothes.

Anyway I think he had fun. I was tired by 8 pm. Zonked out when we finally went to bed.


Early on in the day. Agreed for him to have lollipop. Ok Zayan, it’s your birthday, you can eat whatever today.


Second change by mid day. M said he looks like an old man, My nephew said he looks like a farmer. I think he looks smartly adorable!

Was it worth it making this? Yeahhhh. It was good fun and wasnt that much of a difficult game to make. papier mache over a balloon using newspaper and flour/water as paste. Painted it red and my SIL transformed it into spiderman.


Spiderman down. And the goodies (chocs) inside grabbed by the kids.


Ayman was the ‘best’ kid ie the quietest kid. Good baby! He was handed over from one person to next and happily being a human football. He would cry, give him a feed and then be happy again.

My fave photo of all – Zayan going ‘For me??!!’ when opening the presents. We decided not to get him anything – ok, M decided we shouldnt as he has a lot of things already and didnt need anything really (not that toys is a need). I was feeling ‘are you sure??? but but but…. I wanna get him something! Anything!’ I’m glad we
didnt though, he had plenty of lovely presents yesterday. I’m even thinking we should do some serious trimming of his toy box now.

I opted for a cake with the least coloured icing (i hate icing cakes) and yet have something he likes. Pat myself in the back for having minimal icing.

I love you Zayanino. You are the coolness of my eyes, you will always be my litte baby boy.

And to everyone who came and those who posted presents, thank you!!

Lots of love,
Your mama<

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