Today is a good day….

I have these random thoughts but with a two-coming-three year old and a newborn baby as my regular companions, I have no one to share it with. By the time M is back from work, I’ve probably forgotten about it.

I should use twitter more often I guess, except I think zayan deleted the app. And also I dont know a lot of people on twitter. So I might as well be talking to my kids.

Random thought of the day:

The definition of a ‘good day’ has changed for me. When I was working, a good day is when I haven’t killed anyone. In my first ever rotation as house officer, the job was super busy with constant short staffing, sick patients and little senior cover. I was stressed over something one day and my senior said “If you haven’t killed anyone today, today’s a good day.” What a way for perspective!

Now a good day is defined as not shouting at my kid (no reason to shout at Ayman – yet). I don’t mean givinng firm instructions or raising voice to discipline. I mean, shouting and losing my emotions because I was too angry. I hate it when that happens. I think I’ve perfected the art of taking deep breaths and counting to 10. A good day is also when the boys and myself are bathed/showered and ready to start the day by 10 am. And if anything else that is positive is considered a bonus. Consider these idea of ‘it’s a good day if….’ – makes you see things in perspective and fret less of the little stuff.


As long as they maintain good hygiene, fed at appropriate times, not injured and doesnt make me lose it, that day is a good day!


Above: He threw a tantrum when he woke up because we threw his cookie that he was holding when he fell asleep. He was adamant he wanted the cookie that’s in the bin and refused any new ones. I counted to 10, stared into the horizon whilst he cried and then finally knuckled down: I pretended to get the cookie from bin and gave a new one instead. He calmed down immediately after. I hope he doesnt think it’s ok to eat stuff from the bin after this!

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