For the love of reading


Yesterday, in between Ayman’s medical appointments, I stopped by for coffee. So sad, nada kawan, so minum kopi with baby. Ok lah, my ‘me’ time. Before that, I was checking out a charity shop next to it. It has loads and loads of books, and I’m all for cheap books!

So anyway, the shop had a good collection of childrens’ books too. I was tempted to buy it and it then occured to me to go to my local library. I’ve brought Zayan once to the library but he wasn’t interested in reading or even looking at any books. This is probably a year ago.

Now, he likes ‘reading’ a book during bedtime. By that I mean I choose the ones with the least words and thinnest books. I know I’m so lazy! And if I’m super malas and ngalih, I’ll miss some of the pages and hope he doesnt realise. Anyway he likes the same (thin, not wordy) book anyway: My first book of Things That Moves, Present from the Zoo and That’s My Train. I love the last book because it has five pages only and he knows the words by now. In fact when I let him finish the sentence in each book, he changes the words on purpose and finds great pleasure in being wrong.

Soooo, today we went to the library. Today’s been quite productive really. Folded laundry, did new batch of laundry, packed for our overnight stay tomorrow, served my boy lunch at a reasonable time (12 pm and not 2 pm), organised (kinda) my closet and set aside clothes to donate (I was ruthless) , took out Zayan’s winter clothes and off we went to the library after lunch!

We did stop by charity shop to give away my old clothes. I have to say, getting rid of old clothes is pretty invigorating. My mantra was: Have I worn it in the last year? No. Chuck it away!

(Ok so maybe I was also opening up space for new clothes! Revamp my style and all that!)

At the charity shop, the old ladies working there coo-ed over Ayman, peering around the stroller. One of the women said ‘oh his name sounds Irish. Like Eamon.’

Haha, imagine if we did name him Eamon. Eamon Mumtathil Ali. Eamon means ‘Guardian’, or ‘Wealthy Protector’. Yes, I knew I could count on one of my kids to look after me when I’m old.

The toys in the charity shop was
beckoning to zayan. They looked new and of course cheap. He accepted each time I said no, good boy! (There was Bob the builder 4D puzzle that looks interesting….)

Anyway off we went to library after.


At first I went ‘Look zayan! Tractor book!’ (he loves anything with wheels on it) and made him sit with me to read. In the end, he would just sit for max 2 minutes before running off. Going up and down the train. Stacking the foot stools on top of one another like a giant Jenga. Running around the kids section.

Thankfully we were the only one at the kids section and aside from the sound of him scuppering around, he was quiet. Plus another kid was wailing at the other side of library #notmykid #mykidisquieter.

I gave up and decided to read the books he was throwing at me (Encyclopedia on horses and Tiger vs Lion: Who will win in a fight). And then I realised he was quiet and settling quietly with a book. Called him to come over and it was a Marvel comic. But of course! ‘Read’ it to him – ie flicking through pages and pointing out different characters and gadgets (it was Batman comic) and that was the most interested I’ve seen him. His eyes widened, mouth open, almost jumping in his seat.

Well I dont blame him. My siblings and I were comic readers too when we were kids. I was an avid fan of Archie and read my brother’s comics: Tintin and Asterix. We had quite a collection of them all. My brothers were into Marvel comics. Oh I read and bought the weekly ‘Gila Gila’ magazine comic. Haha, anyone else remember Gila Gila?

I decided not to get him the comic. One, the papers are flimsy and thin, so I was scared he’d rip them when at home. Two, some of the things seems more ‘adult’ for him. Maybe when you’re a little bit older ok zayan?


And Eamon just slept through it.

Today was a good day indeed. Oh and we all had 2 hour nap after and made banana cake.

#smugmama :p






Lotsa love,

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