To bag or not to bag

Since forever, I’ve been saying that I’ll buy an expensive bag once I become registrar (ie when I pass the clinical exam). When I started earning money, I would think of buying a ‘branded’ bag but cannot bring myself to buy anything that costs more than £200. To me, I feel it would be more justified once I earned it. It would be like my reward, what I would get to say ‘this is (one of) the pinnacle of my career’.*

So I’ve been thinking of mulberry bag for a long time and would browse through the website. When I walk around Selfridges, I’ll be eyeing the bags and think ‘once i pass….’.

And now I’ve passed and I’m not sure i want it anymore. I’ve had serious browsing through various It-bag websites but can’t bring myself to buy one.

I was talking to M on how I noticed the trend in the female medics. The British white female medics tend not to have designer bags – or at least at work. Their bags are well used, maybe even scruffy. Designer bags tend to be used by Asian or European colleagues. This is just what I’ve noticed at the various workplace/rotations I’m in.

Mumtathil’s theory is that the bags are a symbol of success, status, and coming from background where we feel like we need to show and prove our success, that’s how we show it. Whereas the British white ones do not feel like they have to prove themselves. I do notice that they will spend loads on exotic holidays rather than designer bags.

Another theory could be that for them, there’s other ways to show they have ‘made it’. For example, for men, they buy expensive cars – this is more likely for an Asian to do. For women maybe their clothes would be expensive. Or perhaps their showing of success would be a nice house – as a lot of my British colleagues have bought houses a few years after graduating.

I dont mean to patronise or judge here, this is just what I’ve been thinking as I make up my mind on what bag to buy. I’ll be honest here and say – I could buy a cheaper bag that looks just like a designer one but I want that feeling of ‘wah expensive bag, soft leather, so soft I want to sleep with you tonight’.

Ok I’m thinking too much about this. I should just choose one and be happy with it.

….. Or I could use the money for a nice holiday…..

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