What’s up: November 2014

Right now, Zayan is being more of hard work than Ayman. Think it’s finally hit him that there’s another person taking attention away from him. Also it doesnt help that a lot of our conversation with him involves ‘No zayan….’ or ‘stop!’ or ‘please get me…./Ambilkan mama….’

He is regressing in his sleep habits and exhibiting tantrums worthy of being shown in Supernanny show.


In his better moods though, he has such a personality that he makes me laugh. Actually even when he’s upset, he’s funny with it. So dramatic. Can’t believe he’ll be 3 in a month’s time!

Here are what we’ve been doing these days:


He loves baking with me. I try to not rush him when I tell him to put the stuff on weighing machine. It is painfully slow – he transfers half a tablespoon of flour/sugar at a time. Imagine when the recipe calls for 200 g of flour for example! What he likes to do as well is mix the batter but must not touch his hands – he doesnt like gooey stuff on him.

Even though its slow and (very very) messy, I do like baking with him. It’s an activity that we can do together and so he wouldnt get bored – less ipad or messing around time!

Trip to dentist! We haven’t been for more than a year! I prepped him the day before about going to dentist. Told him what to say and we acted out what would happen (him lying back and dentist going ‘zzzzz’ on his teeth). He looked scared when I motioned ‘zzzzz’ but I went ‘Nooo doesnt hurt!’. I know, I lied but it’s one of those ‘this injection wouldnt hurt!’ kinda lie – cruel to be kind and all that.

He was so good though. I know I know I’m harping on like such a smug mum but I really did feel proud of him. He just went in there and sat on the chair and let the dentist look at his teeth. Ok so she didnt do anything except look but still!! This boy has more guts than his mama!

The dentist said everything is fine. I was concerned he might have plaque at back of his teeth but she said its all ok. Yeehaaa!

Brothers first thing in the morning!

Cousins came to visit! House was chaotic but actually nice to see Zayan playing with his cousins. In order, Bazlaa – 8 years old. Aalee – 6. Ameen – 4. Zayan – almost 3 (in a month!). Ayman – 3 weeks old.

Missing 3 other cousins and we would have the complete clan.


And this is Ayman having his ultrasound scan today. With the condition he had, it’s associated with kidney and spine problems. So this is him having ultrasound scan to make sure it’s all ok. Awkward position, cant say he was happy about it!

Ok thats it for now. Gonna go to sleep before one of the boys wake me up!

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