The yin to my yang

The other day, M bought a macbook as his laptop failed on him finally. It’s been playing up for the last few months and he is forever thinking of – finally – getting a mac. Once you go mac, you never go back!

So anyway, being the geek that he is, he had to arrange all the stuff in the new laptop, like his documents and files and have to arrange them in order. When I say order, I mean he has specific system for it. I didnt bother asking the system but he went to bed going ‘Whyyy do i have to be OCD? If this was you, you wouldn’t even care!’

That is true my friend.

I am very carefree about stuff like this.

He pointed out on how my documents are all over the place. I put up official letters in ‘photos’ and there are random documents without folders. And that I name documents with ‘photo362’ or ‘surat’ (“No wonder you cant find them!!”). That is true and I couldn’t care less.

He pointed out as well that he has noticed that I have the habit of downloading the same stuff a few times (because I cant remember downloading them the first or second time round!). And because of this, he would delete any similar documents. I smile as he says this. It’s kinda sweet thinking he does these things behind my back – well, he’s probably annoyed with my lack of OCD-ness and is deeply infuriarated thinking of all the same documents/files in my laptop.

That said, I do think I’m so much better in keeping things tidy!! If you knew me back in my younger days, you’d associate with my having a messy room. Books spewed all over table, clothes on floor and bed, towel hanging on chair. My house is actually quite tidy that you wouldn’t think the old me is living here. Ok so it has a lot to do with M cleaning up on a regular basis but I play a part in it too!! (It involves me tidying up before he comes home)

Love you sayang, you do make me a tidier person after all these years! (even though I’m not yet at the standards you wish me to!)

And thanks for regularly cleaning my car. I dont know why it bothers you that my car is messy since you dont use it much anyway. But thankssss!

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