Night shifts at home

I’m starting to feel our whole sleeping situation is ridiculous. So, there’s me and M and baby in our room, settled for the night. We’re actually in bed since 9.30 pm, so early!! (baby being perpetually asleep most of the time anyway so he doesnt count.) Zayan has gone to bed at 8.30 pm. Ever since he dropped his daytime nap, he has been going to sleep earlier. It used to be around 9 pm or even 10 pm (i know!).

So, I was drifting to sleep, only to have Ayman wake me up for a feed. Ok fair enough, I am officially a cow for the next 6 months at least (I strive to be insyaAllah). Then, just as Ayman was falling back to sleep, there was a cry from Zayan’s room. Oh did I mention that Zayan loves to come into our room in the middle of the night? Yesss he still does that!

I trudged to his room to find him inconsolable. He eventually calmed down after a few minutes and went back to sleep. Job done! Went back to my bed – oh my lovely bed – and maybe around half an hour later, another cry from Zayan. Sigh. This is going to be a long night.

Put him back to sleep – this time only took less than a minute. Good timing anyway because I can hear some cries from our room.

Do you know when all these crying went on… I dont think M even could hear them. I don’t resent him though. When Zayan was a newborn, I did get annoyed on how he could sleep through all the cries. He even grunts to it and turns to the other side and falls back asleep. I know there are men out there who would wake up and accompany their women in these night shifts, but really – there’s no point in our case. It takes me seconds to put Zayan to sleep (as opposed to minutes for him) and another few seconds to get Ayman to his milk source. Plus I do think mummies fare better with sleep deprivation than dads! What I do kick him for is when Zayan wants his morning milk.

Apparently women have these amazing ability to hear their kids cry, like the littlest peep activates the mom’s hearing sensors. When Zayan was a baby, I would wake up even with his stirring. With Ayman though, it takes me awhile to hear his cries – halus bah suaranya, macam ehhh menangis ko lai?

So there I was, going back and forth between my babies (and M taking over my space and share of duvet!), thinking THIS IS RIDICULOUS! The easy option is to bring Zayan over to our bed and we can all sleep peacefully, albeit limbs all over the place (Zayan’s limbs on us of course). But NO! I will persevere with having Zayan sleep in his bed!

There is no easy solution to this problem. What I need to do is do the Supernanny thing and get Zayan to sleep in his bed without me (he needs me to go to sleep at night) and therefore eliminate the sleep association. But, but……. I am too weak and right now, when I’m dealing with a newborn and the night shift that I’m already dealing with, I think it’s best to wait it out until ….

I’ll get back to you on that! I should get some rest before someone wakes me up!

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