Bored out of my mind

Omg. Today must be the most bored I feel ever since maternity leave started.

I’ve made efforts before this to entertain myself. I’ve put printed photos into a scrapbook. I’ve sorted all important paperwork and mailed everything that I’m supposed to (finally). I’ve scanned all my previous course certificates to be uploaded into my eportfolio (online medium where we put in our assessments, certificates, log book, etc). I’ve even re-arranged and sorted my payslips! I’m THIS tempted to sort my paeds folders – where all paperwork I’ve collected from clinics, courses and what not has been jammed into a folder without any organisation. I’m so tempted to even organise it! I have watched so many shows – and have now even watched Gogglebox – a documentary of people watching TV shows. I am watching a show of people watching TV. What is the world gone to?? (Actually, the people in it are pretty entertaining… It’s the most I’ve laughed the whole day)

I’ve been a bad mum today too. I’ve been lying around, either reading a book or watching tv, in between feeding and changing nappy for Ayman and tending to the necessity activities of Zayan (bath, preparing meals, bringing him to toilet).


I wanted to wait another week at least before bringing Ayman out but…. !!!!

I cannot take this anymore!!!!!!

Perhaps it’s because we don’t have much visitors, so it’s just me, M and my parents day in and day out. Surrounded by these four walls. Weather grey and cold, so uninviting and not making me want to go to garden to get a breather. I think I’m not alone in being bored – the whole household is! Except for Ayman… he’s pretty content lying there, being fed every so often and not even complaining when he has dirty nappy (I KNOW!!! He can sleep through a dirty nappy!)

I’m gonna end this here… I’ll write a more fun post in the next one.

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