How life pans out

Feeling bored and restless today. Cabin fever settling in us. I really dont know how people do the 40 days confinement. I’m going cray cray here. (Did i use cray cray right? Did I?) We took Zayan out to Westfield in london when he was 2 weeks old on XMAS EVE – yes we were crazy. But with Ayman, I don’t feel ready to take him out. He’s just had surgery and with TOF (tracheo-oesophageal fistula), you can have recurrent chest infections. so I’d like to minimise this risk by having him at home for as long as I can!

Other than that, all is well. Ayman is a good chillax baby. He mostly just feeds and sleep, as opposed to zayan who cried a lot and had to be fed and held majority of the time.

Anyway, I was thinking of how my ex-schoolmates have progressed well in the career ladder and hopefully generally in life as well. I remember some of them as these immature teenage boys, silly and class clowns, just being teenagers really. And now look at them!

Did we ever see our lives pan out like how it did? I certainly didn’t. It never occured for me to do medicine. People probably thought I was geeky/nerdy enough though but for me, it was for the clever people, the top 10 of the class and that didnt include me.

I didnt see myself spending longer here and now I’m in my 13th year in this cold country. I have 4 more years to finish training. *groans*

As for marrying M, that took me by surprise as much as it did my parents.

I dont know what I’m rambling on about now. I was just thinking this morning (in the shower) how things are so different when you’re a teenager. And you cant imagine things to be any different. I felt like such a dork in my teen years, and I wish I can go back and tell the 15 year old (or 22 year old) me that things will work out and it’s better for me to do what I’m happy with, rather than what pleases others. And the dorky in us? Someone will love it.


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2 responses to “How life pans out

  1. julezz188

    Having a ‘challenging’ first baby really makes subsequent kids seem like angels. haha. So I get what you mean. After what we went through with Alya, we can take on anything!

  2. Awu jul, I’m glad actually I had my challenge first time round. Now it feels so much easier in comparison!

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