Happy Birthday, Nazimah!

To my dearest friend, whose birthday was celebrated yesterday,

I didn’t forget really. Well, ok I remembered when I was tucking Zayan in to bed that your birthday should be soon – is it today? tomorrow? what day is it today? Days roll into another when you’re on maternity leave.

Then I thought of you, and how you’re doing. That the last time we saw each other when I was in KL. Zayan was 6 months old then and he is now almost 3 years old. That’s a long time in between to not see each other. What happened to our promise of annual rendezvous leaving our husbands?? (It will be done one day! Except with husband and kids in tow)

I thought of Soffiya (or Sofiyya – can never remember the spelling, sorry!) and how she must be a big girl now – FOUR years old! And how I’ve never met Sulayman and would love to see whose character he takes after. I wonder how work is going for you, choosing radiology – surprising but not really. I’ve always seen you doing medicine or maybe obsgynae but I can also see how that would grind you down and how radiology suits you.

Tears started rolling down as Zayan’s breathing calms down and he goes to slumberland. I can go out now but it’s nice and peaceful cuddled next to him, whilst I slumber back to old, old memories.

We don’t keep in touch that often but it’s nice to hear from you now and again. Do you know how often I carry you with me? Especially in hospitals. Not surprising as half our time was spent on hospitals. When I walk near the hospital accomodation, I remember the time we toppled backwards as we sat down the picnic bench, our weight too much for it, the whole table falling backwards with us. I laugh inwardly, smiling like a madwoman.

I re-took my exam again a few weeks ago – 3 days before my waters broke. Each time my confidence wavered, I could hear you giving me your ‘ganbatte’ lecture – or some sort of japanese YOU CAN DO IT attitude.

I don’t laugh as much as we used to. Was it just an early 20s thing? Giggling for no reason except the other person is giggling too. And finding the joke in random things. And laughing, laughing till our bellies hurt. Well I hope its not just an early 20s thing… what a bummer for rest of my life would be!

I thought back of our great times, great travels … From kelana convoy to Egypt to Turkey to New York. and not forgetting our camping and hiking trips with the gang. I smile to myself thinking all the funny incidents that happened – like Joanne taking someone’s long johns in the laundry room by mistake and thinking it was mine during kelana convoy. And us going round in circles to find Hagha Sofiya when it was majestically right in feont of us (we thought it was a ministry building?!). And then there was me wearing a strange guy’s sweatshirt for a whole weekend whilst we were in Washington and not realising it wasn’t mine till we came back to New York. Ahh, New York …. our last trip together before you tied the knot. And what an epic trip it was! I’m glad we went – I would recommend people getting married to take an epic trip without their partner before tying the knot. It’s refreshing and a bit of soul satisfying.


YOU are fired!


The questionable


Partner in crime for a very long time

Anyway, there is a point to this letter my dear and not just ramblings of our time together. You played such a big part in my life and I carry that with me till today. You strengthened my beliefs when it was low and your words continue to help me even when you’re not physically here.

Happy Birthday, May your smile be as bright as it was as I remembered it, May the great spirit of Nazimah still continues, come what may!

Missing you often and loving you always,
Your friend


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3 responses to “Happy Birthday, Nazimah!

  1. Nazimah Mumin

    Awww fiz. Its only u who can make me laugh and cry in one seating. How I missed you so much… especially now. When I really feel like hugging u and absorb some of your pain. N give kata2 semangat. Hehe.

    and yea. The giggles are 20 sth thing. But I heard it wil come back. Pensioned years. Hehe.

    we shud meet soon insyaAllah. Til then my prayers, my thoughts, all best wishes n warm hugs for u!!!

    P/s: even as housemates last time u always forget my birthday right? Haha. I used to make sure u won’t.

    • What, I’m sure I didnt forget! It was just me pretending to forget so boleh suprise 😛 Laughing and crying at same time too now! *emo* Can’t wait to giggle again together…

    • Also – Mumtathil tentu rasa pelik now whay I’m suddenly crying and laughing. Sure Topek feels the same tapi also rasa ‘typical, am not gonna commentrasa biasa dah so tak nak comment. LOL

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