Brothers advice


I love this photo. Zayan has been very loving towards adek ever since I was pregnant. He would kiss my tummy at random times and patting it (gently
or not so gently at times). I’ve told him there was a baby inside and even showed him a picture from google image like this:



Since baby was born, he has been eager to touch Ayman. Putting his lil hands through the incubator window, patting his head, squeezing his knee (“There! All better!” — we squeeze Zayan’s knee when he’s hurt and fall over. I told him baby was sick and hurt, so I think he thinks that’s a remedy for all sickness and pain. If only, Zayan, if only….). Once Ayman was more free and able to be taken out of incubator, he was adamant on holding him. Kissing him. Patting his head. And when I say pat, I mean he tries to put his hand on Ayman’s head and push it downwards. NO, ZAYAN!!



And so I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between two brothers. I look back and think of my relationship with my brothers. Brothers dont talk as much to each other, theres no (or rarely) heart to heart talks like sisters have.

With me, I do have the random conversations with my brothers, catching a glimpse on each other’s lives. What they do do is give sound advice. These are the best advice I’ve had from my brothers:

1. On your first day of school, say hello to everyone you meet.

Apparently this is how to make friends. Advice imparted the day before starting high school.

2. Remember people’s names and acknowledge their name when you see them.

Again, this is how to gain some sort of social standing. Working in medicine, where you work with different groups of people and specialties and the public, I do think acknowledging their name makes a difference. When I ask for something to be done, its best to go “Jemma, can you…..” rather than “nurse…” or no mention of a name at all. I believe people are more likely to agree when a polite request is done with the acknowledgement of their name. And that is why name badges are great!

3. Do NOT have a credit card, ever.

Took this advice and have never had a credit card. Never been indebted (except when paying people the odd hutang as a broke medical student and when paying off my car). Otherwise, I’ve been paying cash or through my debit card. Do I have less than what I want? Never felt like it.

Do I want a nice branded hand bag?
Do I want to travel wherever and whenever?

Yes. But knowing my financial limitations, its easier to distinguish between needs and wants.

(Wow I think my brothers would be proud of me)

4. Save, save, save!

Not very good at this one but I do try!!

5. All guys are nice when they want something.

“But he’s nice!!” I once exclaimed. Yeah well, they usually are in the beginning! You just gotta open your eyes and ears to weed out the ‘not so nice anymore’ from the really nice ones.

Ok Ayman’s stirring – my role as Dairy Queen is soon starting!


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