Labour … The Final Story

Ok let me just finish off this story, or else I’ll forget about it and months will go on and bangas tia.

Where did I left it?

Oh yes, so they decided to induce me. I was still having irregular contractions. I can’t really remember why they wanted to induce me but basically they wanted to get labour going asap. (I think its because I had GBS
– a bug down below – and my waters broke early – so they didnt want to increase risk of infection to baby by prolonging labour) They started the syntocinon – a medicine that starts off labour and increases your contractions – at around 4 am.

Just before they started this, I told M to go home. He was sprawled between 2 arm chairs, exhausted from his on call and looking very uncomfortable. He might as well go home as the syntocinon usually kicks in after 3-4 hrs (I think thats what they said). He can also send Zayan to Shamina, his childminder, once morning comes.

I managed to get some sleep – drifting in and out as the contractions became more regular and stronger. Woke up once it became stronger but closed my eyes through it, trying to channel my inner zen.

The midwife came in and out to check on me, largely I ignored her – silence was more welcomed at this stage and rather not waste my energy on small talk.

She came over around 7 am and looked at the CTG machine, which shows how strong the contractions are and baby’s heart rate. As it grew stronger, she looked at me and asked if i was actually sleeping or just trying to handle the pain quietly. I confirmed the latter and she said ‘I thought so’. Eventually I asked for the gas and air, this time breathing in and out calmly and deeply. Gas and air worked this time (i didnt feel it helped with zayan but now think its cos i wasnt breathing in and out properly).

It was now 8 am and I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes. Sadly, I was only 1 cm dilated! *groans* Called M as I didnt want him to be stuck in traffic at peak hours whilst I was in misery all by myself. He was on the way to sending Zayan at the time. Cant remember what i said but basic instructions are: COME HERE ASAP!

He arrived some time after 9 am. The obstetric team came for ward round and decided to continue with syntocinon. They’ll examine again at 10 am and if there’s poor progress, I will have to undergo c section. You see, there is risk of rupture of uterus with vaginal delivery after c section (1 in 200 – which doesnt seem a lot but i could be the ‘1in 200!’) and by inducing me, theyre increasing this risk of rupture. Gaaaaahhh. Hence why they want to proceed to c section if my labour doesnt progress as quick as they want it too.

Two hours later, I was STILL 1 cm dilated!!!! They decided to perform c section. I think all this time, there were episodes where baby’s heart rate dipped down and showing he was in distress.

Various health professionals came in and out. urine catheter inserted by midwife. cannulated on my amhand by obstetric reg, another reg took consent for c section. I wasn’t fully there and basically just nodded to everything.

Now came the interesting bit… I was managing the pain ok with gas and air. But when I was wheeled to the operating theatre, the was a time when I had no pain relief!! I was moving myself from one bed to next in theatre, in between contractions, and oh how uncomfortable that was. Then, when i deposited myself on the theatre bed, there was a crash call for another lady who needed the c section URGENTLY! So I transferred myself again to the bed and got wheeled out whilst they attended to her.

Whilst waiting for my turn, I asked if I can have gas and air but NADA! They dont have the equipment in the recovery area in theatre. Around a minute or two after being wheeled out, baby had a low heart rate and crash call came out for ME. Drama jua eh!

The obstetric team, anaesthetist and midwives broked themselves and called more people so they can have two teams to do both c sections. So I was wheeled back into theatre and OMG seriously ko suruh aku pindah ke theatre bed atu AGAIN …. with no pain relief in last 10 mins!

*sabar sabar sabar*

Anyway, Once I got to theatre bed, they asked for me to sit up and dangle my legs at the side so they can put the spinal aneasthetic in. With the contractions, I could barely move and do anything except lie still (lying still was the best position during contractions). I became the difficult patient then, saying NO I WILL NOT SIT UP! Lol i wasnt that dramatic but basically said no and cant they just put it in whilst i lie down on my side.

They agreed and yay spinal in!! Pretty quickly (a minute or so), the pain dissipated and I feel so much better again! I’m on TOP OF THE WORLD! I vowed then – if ever I get pregnant again, I’m not going to be all strong and brave it out and all that. Epidural is the way to go!!!

Actually the obstetric reg said that if I get pregnant again, I’ll have to have c section since I already had 2 c sections. Huuu, ok lah, Ada hikmahnya semua ani. Kali pasal Allah tau I have low pain threshold kali.

Within minutes, theycut me open and baby was delivered on 21/10/11 at 12.33 pm. “It’s A BOY!”


Actually whilst they were cutting me open, the anesthetist asked if i knew the gender. I said “its a girl… but I’ll believe it when i see it!” So cynical.

I was shocked as we were told its a girl during the antenatal scan, even though I was doubting it (just in case). M was pleasantly surprised. I cant deny that there is a hint of disappointment from me – girl clothes are so much more cuter!

But really, I was happy to have a baby. With two eyes, two ears, a nose, a mouth and looks healthy.

A few hours later, we discovered he wasn’t entirely devoid of a medical problem. But that’s another story to tell.

Now baby Ayman is 12 days old, he had an operation a day after birth and he is recovering well. Aside from the scar at his back, you wouldn’t think he had a problem. InshaAllah that’s how it will be from now on. It’s early days still – he could have problems with feeding on next few weeks or months and may have recurrent chest infections. Only time will tell. But for now, I have a boy and I can’t wait to bring him home.


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