Being Khadijah

M is taking his two weeks of paternity leave now and then he’s given another week or so of compassionate
leave (as baby is in hospital). Quite nice of hospital, didnt think I would sing praises for medical HR ever.

Anyway, so we’re spending more time
together obviously. I’ve always believed that time
apart and being busy with our own work is good and healthy for a married couple. I remember in the first few weeks of being married, the consultants I worked with asked how married life was getting on. I replied that I haven’t seen much of my husband as we were on call a lot and would see maybe 1-2 hrs a day of each other. They all agreed that this is the recipe to a healthy marriage and then burst out laughing (I think theyre actually really serious).

Before maternity leave, our oncalls didnt clash that much but there would be times when I’d be on nights a week and then he’ll be on nights the next week.
It was working out fine with us with our schedules I must say. People wonder how we do it without an amah and working full time. But I never felt it was too much and too stressful. Yes, I wished we can have more relaxing lives but I didn’t think the grind of work and life was getting to us.

Anywayyyy digressing!

So, we’re besides each other more nowadays. We went to Yo sushi a few days ago (awu nda bepantang langsung ku) because now i can eat without any inhibitions or guilt – yay. So anywayyyy, I reminded him of how we had our first date there.

“ohh really?”


Like please husband, way to kill the mood. According to him, our first date was going to this chinese acrobatic circus show whilst in my head, this was our first outing. Granted we weren’t ‘together’ yet. Actually it was more like friends still tapi aku yang beriya2 plotting for ‘us’ to happen.

You see, we’ve been msn-ing for awhile and occasionally (like once in a blue moon) talk on the phone. So I decided to ‘up’ us a notch and the night before the ‘date’, I told my friend that I’m going to ‘up’ it. “How are you gonna do it?” she asks – possibly in amusement. I dont know but I will! – the go-getter in me voiced out. Having Khadijah as inpiration – yknow how she just sent someone to propose to our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w – I thought I’m gonna get us together somehow. I knew I like him for awhile and he’s been friendly towards me – responding to my msn and text messages. More in an affable way rather than flirting. (there was no flirting from him, serious. He thought i was just being a friendly person!)

I bought the bullet anyway and said I wanted to borrow a book of his, that he mentioned was good. Yo Sushi was chosen as a place to convene for this book exchange. See how smooth I am? In reality, it wasn’t a book that I would like really and now when I reminded him of the book (The Constant Gardener), he’s perplexed and agreed why I would want to read that book – “its not you!”. I agree, I only read a page and found it too boring.

LOL I can’t remember what happened next but that was the start of our outings. He didnt have a clue for ages btw πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

And now he’s stuck with me! *evil laugh*


At our fourth year anniversary dinner

Love you sayang,

I wonder if you’ll ever read this!

Ps on a more serious note, I do hope to be more of Khadijah as a wife, insyaAllah.

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One response to “Being Khadijah

  1. Lyn

    Loving the ‘how we got together’ story! Amazing how we’ve all kinda known each other through that period of ‘getting together’ or early days of togetherness but don’t really know the stories behind it all!

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