Epic poo fail saga

Have I finished my labour story? I don’t think i have but I’m too tired to recollect the events of that morning. Anyway I’ve got a story to tell. I’ll warn you, it may be too TMI but it’s a lesson to y’all.

Soooo I haven’t poo-ed for 4 days… this happened to me last time as well post c section with zayan. I think it’s a combination of erratic eating, taking codeine (for the pain post c section) and my actual fear and pain when pushing. Ok let me tell you know – c section is no little surgery!!! Last time, I was struggling with walking for at least 2 weeks and wished I could take codeine for a month at least! (They only gave me 2 weeks worth – I heard that in bru, they dont give you anything stronger than paracetamol and ibuprofen. Omg How do women do it?????)

Anyway so I haven’t poo-ed. And I felt the urge to go yesterday and I was so excited LOL Rushed to the toilet and waited… and waited … and waited. The spasms came and went, the urge to go was very intense and this time I actually really pushed through the pain. Ya Allah, only He knows the pain. Kalah sakit beranak! At least masa in labour, I have gas and air and yknow a nicer reason for the pain (baby instead of poo). And also i knew how the pain came and went during labour – I would just focus on my breathing and counting the seconds until the pain passes. Ani the pain was there – do you know how painful it is to want to poo but cant get it out??? It’s like being on a constant state of ‘turtlenecking’ and your tummy spasming.

Anyway I actually sat there for an hour with no results. Went into shower, hoping the urge to poo will go away, but that didnt work. M came over to check out whats going on.
Told him my impacted stool (I can feel the poo down below but felt hard and wont go down … Sorrryyyy TOO MUCH INFO I KNOW). ‘What do you want me to do?’ asks my helpful husband. ‘I dont know!!! You’re a medic! Find me a solution!’

His solution were: go back and sit there and wait it out, he’ll buy me some suppositories and laxatives and To elevate my legs (last solution was actual genius – it did help).

So off he went, out into peak hour traffic (this is 5 pm) and i sat there for another 30 mins waiting for my saviour in the form of rectal suppository.

Ok so I know roughly how it works – you put it down your bum and wait it out and within 15-20 mins it should work. From experience with my patients, it sounds like there’s an explosion of ermm yknow. So I waited it out… nothing. There was that urge… went for it and the suppository but nothing else came out. only after much googling did I realise I’m doing it wrongly. I’m supposed to lie down, put it in and lie on my side for at least 20 mins before going to toilet. Otherwise it wont have time to work. DOH. Seriously I’m becoming a better dr by being a patient nowadays.

Anyway it made me poo, enough to be comfortable to walk around and pretend to have some normality (eat dinner, watch TV) but i was still feeling like I’m not entirely comfortable yet.

Last night was basically a marathon of number 2. And by 7 am, I can happily say it’s all emptied out now. All is well with life again.


So here’s my take on labour and specifically c section. My 2 deliveries were c sections because of baby in distress and failure to progress naturally (aka it took me a long time to deliver that it was getting unsafe for me and baby).

1. It will hurt – a lot – after having c section. So dont think you’ll be ‘strong’ and not take your painkillers regularly. Even if you feel totally fine after a few days. I kinda forgot to take my painkillers last night, thinking i dont need it and I’m going to sleep anyway. Woke up because I needed to desperately pump milk – and when i sat up, I had intense pain on my abdomen. Couldnt move and felt like whacking my head for not taking the painkillers. In the end, woke M up and made him get the breast pump equipments and my painkillers.

2. Don’t forget to get these things when packing your bags:

Disposable briefs – at least a dozen! I ran out pretty quickly and made M buy me more.

Heavy duty pads – again at least a dozen. I’m day 7 now post birth and have used up 4 a day at least. I didnt realise how much heavy duty pads are needed the first time round and didnt have any when I went to hospital. My friend bought it for me, without even me asking! Macam tau saja I’ll be blur like that.

Breast pads – you’re gonna leak if you dont feed/pump in time and when you’re pumping, milk will leak out from the other breast!

3. Take laxatives and drink a lot if you’re on codeine! Or at least drink a lot, even if you’re not on codeine. Poo-ing will be difficult post c section — for me anyway — because it hurts to push and you’re scared your wound will burst (lol thats how it feels like!).

Someone gave a tip to have a bottle with you all the time, so you remember to drink. And one of the gifts to get a new mummy is a pretty water bottle to motivate her to drink. Plenty of fluids is good for milk production anyway!

(I dont drink a lot cos I keep forgetting – I should buy myself a pretty water bottle)

4. Do your kegels! and abdominal muscle exercises! Dont forget!!! I didnt do it last time and now paying for it – in the sense my abdominal muscles are not toned and now have a lot of toning to do.

5. It’s hard to predict how one’s
labour will be. Some takes longer to deliver, some break their waters and deliver within hours. Sometimes for whatever reason, you might need c section. I’ve learnt to berserah and leave it to Allah, whatever happens, happens. Having this mentality will take the stress and fear of the unknown. I guess, for me, I know what the procedures of normal delivery, forceps or ventouse delivery (like normal delivery but may need forceps or suction to help get baby out) or caesarean section. Reading up on them beforehand will take that fear of the unknown and you’re able to ‘go with the flow’.

That’s my take anyway. Knowledge for me gives some sense of control in the situation.

Love, me

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