Labour part deux

I can’t be bothered to write and explain everything from beginning, so I hope these pictures will do some justice and create some sort of scene to our journey so far.



It all started though like this….

My waters broke a few minutes before 9 pm. I remember this because that was the time I called my friend, panicking because my waters wont stop coming out.

We went to the Maternity Assessment unit after M came back from work. I haven’t packed my bag yet but my sis in law came over as soon as I called and packed stuff for me. Tip: pack your bags early!! Do not procrastinate like me! 34 weeks atu, pack tia!

This is me, bewildered at how my tummy has shrunk so much after the waters came out.


My contractions were not that regular yet… started off as one every 7-10 minutes. Buleh lagi control nada painkiller/gas and air ni.


I was strapped to the CTG machine to
monitor baby’s heart rate and my contractions. They wanted to observe me but nothing was happening, as in the contractions weren’t getting any quicker. I also had group B strep in my swab so they decided to induce me. Prolonging labour will increase risk of infection to baby, so we wanted to just get on with things and kickstart labour process.


Hours passed, night turned to dawn, M was tired post oncall.


So I told him to go home for a few hours. Then he can also sort out childcare. Zayan was looked after by my sis in law but she had to go
to work. So the plan was to send him to childminder that morning.

Syntocinon hurts!!! Contractions were getting more regular – one every 2-3 mins and hurts. I was able to sleep initially and then just sat quietly with the pain. M wasn’t there yet at 8 am and I was thinking mana kan yaaaaa. Menderita ku sorang hehe. Eventually succumbed to gas and air. I wasnt looking forward to it cos I didnt know how to use it last time and went bit cuckoo using it. Macam hallucinating ani.


This time though, I handled it like a pro. Booyah!!

Ok gtg… story to be continued.

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