Pregnancy update

It’s been awhile I know (how many times have I started a post like that???)….

This is what’s been happening and the reasons behind the lack of writing.

1. I am now 35 weeks pregnant. I am also huge… like disproprortionately huge. Everything else seems to stay the same except for my tummy. I think no way can it expand more but ladies and gents, every morning I wake up and realise that it can.


I hate playing the pregnant card (‘being the disabled cos I’m pregnant’ card I mean) and so far I’m coping well. Alhamdulillah, no symptoms really except for the pelvic pain. Ok, let me talk about that!! I dont remember having much pelvic pain …. but oh my, I feel for all the women with SPD now! It HURTS! The annoying thing is that it hurts after sitting for awhile or in certain sitting and lying positions. Lying down is no longer a comfort. I have to find a position in bed that is the most comfortable and then I cant move to change positions cos it hurts. My pelvis hurts, my back hurts and changing positions actually hurts my tummy. I cant explain it but imagine you have a whole load of bricks strapped on your tummy that is well supported by a pouch. It’s well supported usually so it doesnt hurt your back or hips
much …. then you wanna lie down on your back and instantly it hurts because the bricks are pressing on you. So you turn to lie on your side but its so heavy that it hurts to roll over. Eventually you get to your side and lie comfortably… after awhile your back starts to hurt being in that position, it wants to rest. But you know you cant lie on your back, so how now brown cow??

THAT is my dilemma every single night.

I have bought a very very very expensive pillow and I’m happy to say it has helped cut down discomfort. I do wish I can go back
to lying on my back… I miss lying on my back.

You know what, my theory is that women go through these hardships before giving birth so that our body gets used to the sleep deprivation that is to come postnatally.

The other symptom that I have now – and didnt have with Zayan – is the itchiness of my tummy!! Actually, I’ve changed my stretch mark oil (from cocoa butter thing to Bio oil) and actually its not as itchy now. LOL maybe the cocoa butter didnt work for me. And Bio oil smells nicer. And am I dreaming but my skin actually looks better…????

Oh stretch marks…. I know its part and parcel of pregnancy. But I’m much bigger now than I was with zayan and not surprisingly, have gotten stretch marks (also when We moved house, I couldnt find my cream for awhile). Now I know I’m supposed to embrace this and be proud of my battle scars. But I would be dishonest if I didnt admit now how depressed I was when it appeared.

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