Refueling the relationship

Gahhh wrote a long post but it got deleted when my phone abis battery.

So here it goes again:

I find it hard to have quality time these days with M. Zayan is super clingy, even more than when we were in Brunei. Macam tauuuu saja kan ada baby adek (he does point out my bump as baby and demands to see baby/bump at random times) but I’m
not sure he REALLY knows.

So I asked M for some me and him time. Lagipun, two of his sisters are around and buleh jaga zayan.

We headed off to Kilworth country hotel, 30 mins away in the countryside. It’s basically a huge estate house with acres and acres of greenery. The weather was sunny and nicely cool and best of all, no fear of dogs running around!

Started off with the afternoon tea. Pistachio and vanilla cake – hmm never thought of having pistachio cake but it was good actually.

M and I had competition on who will take the better photo on IG. His did look better than mine actually.

The obligatory shot with estate house behind us

What was a maze once upon a time. M insisted on doing the maze properly and then correcting the sun clock in the centre.

Bump! Took a selfie and realised after that there was someone sitting not too far behind me. Oops! Malu sekajap.

It’s nice to have a lil getaway with M once in awhile (mesti once in awhile – kalau selalu, rasa guilty tia tinggalkan zayan). Our fourth anniversary will be next month, cant believe how fast time has flown. I still consider us ‘young’ in our marriage – a lot to learn still but insyaAllah, we will get to our dementia years together. *morbid medic humor*

Sometimes we go from day to day, not realising how much we have to refuel our relationship with other half. That we are more than ‘Ayah and Mama’ and that once upon a time, there was just me and him and how much effort we gave into ‘me and him’.

Love you sayang, me

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