Taking care of one’s self

I have come to realise that I dont take care of myself well enough. Went for a facial today (I planned to study in the morning and then slotted a facial after hrhr. oh myy life of a taitai pregnant wife – err until my leave ends this weekend that is) and realise how BAD my skin condition is. It’s so dry and dehydrated and definitely has not got the pregnancy glow! And let’s not talk about my eyes. The eye bags – so puffy! How did it get so puffy??

Anyway, after a rejuvenating facial and mental pep talk of ‘I MUST USE MY MOISTURISER EVERY DAY!’, I realise how I have not been taking care of myself well nowadays. Not just skin wise but in so many other ways too. Spiritually… mentally … cosmetically … health wise. I am so prepped to thinking about the exams this year that I have let go of many things.

The recent holiday has recharged me. I was getting lazy with my solat (procrastinating it to the last minute, Astaghfirullah… please help me continuously better myself Ya Rabb). I haven’t touched the Quran for awhile.

And also I went to see the midwife today and there were some protein and sugar in my urine. Ahhh!! So i have to do the dreadful GTT, a test to check whether I have diabetes during pregnancy. Actually I hate it cos I dont like the taste of lucozade and I have to drink a litre of it! Oh man, its all the teh tarik ping and tapak kuda and choc cakes I’ve been having back home!

And and I’ve recently read about attachment tanks – or something like that. Basically theres theory that if a kid has their attachment tanks well filled, they are more confident and secure in themselves. To fill this tank, you need to give them attention and BE there for them. Now you might think I AM there for them. All the time! But are you? or do you have your whatsapp/instagram on? Listening with half ear whilst watching TV? Guilty to both qs! Granted we’re tired after work and need some ‘me’ time of our own. But what this theory is saying is that you just need to give a short but concentrated amount of time when you truly focus on your child. And the best times are first thing in the morning, when you come back from being away with them and before bedtime.

So here’s 6 vows to myself:

1. I will pray on time.

2. I will read the quran – even seayat pun every day.

3. I will drink more than a litre of water everyday.

4. I will moisturise my face and tummy daily.

5. I will fill in the 15 minute attachment tanks to Zayan and M everyday. (M doesnt have an attachment tank. He’s a well emotionally secured man but it always helps to invest in your relationship!)

6.I will cut down on my sugar intake. (uhhhh last vow is the hardest kali)

So here’s to a shinier, brighter, less dehydrated, spiritually recharged (insyaAllah) me!

Love, me

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