Updates : 29 weeks preggers

Wow, I’m so pemalas at writing these days. It looks like I only do one post a month. Cant help it: (1) nada mood and (2) I have so many things on my plate.

After the nice (but tiring) holiday back home, I have so many things to think about:

1. My exam in October
I failed my last attempt in July and now want to do it in October. Yesss, when I am 35/36 week pregnant. InsyaAllah, dengan izin Allah, I CAN DO THIS! GANBATTE!

I was totally feeling fine 3 weeks ago when I sent the exam application. And then suddenly I hit 27 weeks and I feel heavy and …well, pregnant. No symptoms alhamdulillah. Just need to rest a lot and not exert myself too much to sustain energy for the whole day. I must say, if I can do an 18 hour flight solo with a 2 year old, I am up for anything!

2. Starting registrar rota next week.

Basically, more responsibility. More decision making. After 5 pm, I’ll be the one people look to for answers as I’ll be the most senior paediatrician around. No pressure.

3. Moving house
So we’ve found a place that we want to move to and hopefully no more moving around for the next few years! We (as in me) wanted to move to a bigger place with a garden. But mainly a bigger place than our current 2 bedroom apartment. I think it’s high time we live in a proper house!

We’re getting the keys this saturday and going to ‘slowly pack’. That’s M’s words. My thinking is that we move as much as we can this weekend (the non essential stuff) and then choose a weekend when we just move everything.

4. And lastly, and of course most importantly, getting ready for new bebe arrival!!!!
….. Except we haven’t bought anything yet. We haven’t thought (much) about the new bed arrangement when baby comes. Well, even with Zayan, we didn’t buy anything until I was over 30 weeks. And we don’t need to buy the big stuff – got the baby seat, stroller, breast pump, etc ready anyway. I’ve piled up the neutral-coloured clothes from Zayan’s old clothes and it amounts to: 6 short sleeved vests and 5 long sleeved vests for the newborn stage. Told this to M and he said ‘its ok, girls can wear blue too.’ WHAAAAT, NOOOO! Even if baby doesn’t realise this, I will!

Oh wait, I haven’t announced yet have I? InsyaAllah, we ‘re going to have baby girl. I’m not gonna go all estatic until baby is born!

Wow, I’m 29 weeks this week. So maybe next weekend, M and I can do shopping for baby. EXCITING! Love baby clothes. Makes the pregnancy symptoms worthwhile, haha.

Lotsa love, me

PS. Was sorting out Zayan’s old toys – the one he played when he was a lil ‘un. And we have plenty of plush toys (of varying animals and size!) and rattlers. Macam buleh request kah if people want to boy toys for new baby? LOL Something NOT plush toy and rattler pleaaaseeee. Actually, someone (Niza and Shauqi actually) bought us a book made of cloth material. It was awesome cos baby can gnaw on it and I won’t have to worry if the pages will tear. Plus it’s light, so baby can move it around and not have it fall on it. So anyone thinking of what to buy for newborn, that’s a good idea me thinks!

The other thing I always think babies can never have enough of (esp if messy and banyak saliva or muntah) are bibs! And nice fashionable bibs that parents feel guilty of spending money on – so it’s nice when someone else gets it for them.

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