Raya in Brunei


Finally after all these years (maybe 5 yrs?), menyampati beraya di Brunei – albeit a week late and without M (boooo!).

Raya now means:

1. no ang pow/duit raya for me!!! Ok so I shouldnt feel disappointed – bernaknsudah and bekeraja but i cant help it okkkk. I still feel that young at heart LOL That said, amit ada bagi duit raya to me. Iski berabis!!

We’ve only been to a few houses but Zayan has collected a fair share of duit raya. Inda pulang ya paham – he just gives it to me or drop it once start bemain.

2. There’s tapak kuda in all the houses, like ALL the houses. Aint complaining.

3. Beraya one or two house is enough for me for a day. Ngalih after that!! Ahhh, years ago, I could go to more than 5 houses a day and be up for more!

It also doesnt help once Zayan gets restless. I mean, apa jua kan dibuatnya – he doesnt eat the roll and kek lapis and biscuits (weird child). He does like to ear satay and soto. Tapi lapas makan and if nada mainan, bored tia. Bored = restless = exploring people’s houses onto unchartered, ‘stay off’ territories.

4. I cant fit into any of my baju raya. I’m pretty sure I have exploded in the one week I’ve been back. Suddenly, my front and back is huge! I borrowed my SIL punya maternity baju kurung and only one yang muat! I asked her – mana baju kita yang kita pakai masa kami nikah? Cos I remember she popped the day after! lol confirm muat tu. Except she modify tia sudah to her current size.

5. Also i get envious looking at badan2 ramping pakai baju kurung. I was once liked that!

“you’re pregnant!”
“I knooowww…. still”

*psycho cakap sorang*

6. Toddlers/less than 3 yr olds wearing baju cara melayu and baju kurung is SO cute. Like kan di pirik2 cute.

7. Ok atu saja. I wish i can eat more and more but i feel full easily and if i push it, there WILL be consequences in the form of reflux/gastritis.

Ada hikmahnya jua lah alhamdulillah. Inda mendulur nafsu banar *pops in another tapak kuda*

Much love,



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August 16, 2014 · 7:39 am

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