Eid 2014


My dearest friends,

Apologies for not writing in the last few weeks (i cant remember the last time I wrote). There was my paeds exam and then puasa and then got my results (failed).

There has been many tears regarding work and my exams. I’d rather not talk about it now as it would just make me depressed.

Anyway, its the first day of Eid today. I’m not so excited as I felt I’ve let the month of Ramadan pass me by without maximizing the opportunities for ibadah.

Its probably my worst Ramadan ibadah-wise. I have to admit, the first half of the month, my iman was at a low. I was missing prayers – not on purpose – but I was missing it nonetheless and at one point, felt so so far away from Allah. It also didnt help that I wasnt fasting – 18 hours for a pregnant lady, it felt unsafe for myself and baby.

Anyway, I started reading the Quran again and Alhamdulillah feel reconnected. A friend in the same position asked me what to do, how to increase iman, and If ever you feel lost or misplaced, just open the book and insyaAllah our hearts will open up again.

So Eid today. First raya at the inlaws. Massive difference to how we (as in bruneians) celebrate it. First, we’re going to a seafood restaurant for our Eid dinner. Lunch will be leftovers from last nights dinner (must say, the chicken was the bomb, so juicy and tender).

Cant complain though. I have dearest husband and cheeky son with me. What more could I want?


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