Conversation with a 2 year old

Technically, Zayan is now 2.5 yrs old. He has always been delayed in talking. Aside from saying mama and susu, he didnt say any words until he just went beyond 2. He understands pretty well and follows instructions but he just wont TALK.

Now he is saying more and more words, its so adorable!! He is still delayed – not yet talking in more than 2 sentences much. And his pronounciation needs improvement (clock is cock, LOL). He says much more English words but do understand malay words. Though he likes to say ‘gugur’ – if theres anything the World Cup has taught him, its ‘gugur’!

It’s amazing how he is articulating more of his thoughts and feelings. And how complex they are really.

Like the other day, I was on nights and was sleeping in the day. M went out to watch a movie with his friends whilst my sis in law was looking after him. Now his mama has been on nights for 4 nights and hasnt seen him much really in those 4 days/nights. He kept climbing onto the bed and waking me up and I just sleepily went ‘no zayann, mama mau sleeeep’. Finally he walked away quietly and then I could hear him crying. It went on, so I went out and he was practically SOBBING. He said to my SIL ‘Zayan bad boy’ 😦 😦 😦 Did he think he hasntbeen seeing me/having mama time and ayah being out meant he was a bad boy???? Heartbreak tarus!!


Anyway, on a cuter conversation, he saw me picked my zit the other day (macam hormonal teen right now – having zits popping up. exam stress kali) and it bled. He looked in horror and went ‘MAMA!! Wet!’. I said yeahh wet. And with that, he ran out of the bedroom to the living room and woke his ayah up ‘Mama wet! Mama hurt!’ of course, M was half zonked out and didnt make out what he was saying. He ran back to me (I was sprawling on the bed, still looking at my zit via iphone camera) and saw it still ‘wet’. ‘Mama wet?’ ‘Yeah, needs wiping zayan’ And he ran with his lil short legs out and came back with his a single sheet of his wipes. (I found it adorable that he could actually locate the wipes) Wiped my chin for me, heart melts lagi! Such a good boy!!!

Ya Allah, please let him continue to grow to be a helpful boy and empathetic to others – including those who are popping their zits and needs a tissue.

I love you, Zayan. Zayan gonna be abang soon insyaAllah but you’ll always be my special boy. xx

Ps I’ve been telling him about baby in my tummy and showing him of pics of baby in the womb (like cartoon version). And from time to time, he insists on seeing baby aka seeing my tummy. Then he’ll talk to baby ‘Hao baby! How you? Gibberish giberish am ok. bye baby!’ And today he wanted to listen to baby and when he went to listen to my tummy, he started laughing. Maybe bowel movements luan bising but I like to think he’s bonding already with baby!

So all positive! Until I said a few days ago – ‘Zayan, yknow baby going to come out one day ok? And zayan jadi abang!’ Starter shaking his head NO NO, hmmm… ok this is a work in progress.

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  1. Wana

    Awwwwhhhh zayan adorableeeeeeee jua!

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