This is my job


This is the 6th time I’ve been called to a delivery and its only 12 o’clock. This machine is called the resuscitaire, so called as it’s the place where we resuscitate babies if they get into trouble. The checking of whats in the machine is actually a job on its own – an important one at that. Usually if theres a high risk delivery (aka in situations baby is predicted not to do well), we get called and have 5 mins heads up. Whatever I’m doing at the time has to be abandoned. If I (the bleep-holder) can’t attend for whatever reason, then the registrar who’s carrying the other bleep gets called.

So we like having a heads up. I go to the delivery room or obstetric theatre and my first job is to make sure that this machine is working and has everything I need.

There are times when we get called in an emergency and we have no time to prepare. I have been in situations before when the oxygen ran out or the suction didnt work – whilst we’re resuscitating the baby. This is a situation that should never have happened. Everyday, the midwife checks the machine too but sometimes things get missed or the machine was used and things didnt get replaced.

Anyway, most of the time baby gets born and I dont really have to do anything. Just stimulate, dry and wrap.

Once in awhile though, all hell breaks loose and we have trouble in our hands. And those are the times I have to prepare for.

Lotsa love, me

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